How is the 'journey to a dream' going? Pretty damn awesome! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Hello friends!

I was going through my business blog over at and I realised there is a lot of personal stuff in those posts! Those posts share how my journey to a dream is progressing and what is going on in my life... So I wanted to share the more personal bits here if you're interested (and miss out the more sales-y ones) so that any of you guys who encouraged me 4 years ago and believed in me can see that it's actually happened LOL so thank you so much for that!

Yup, I really have created a business that I love, is ethical, does good and supports my family... It's obviously not all rainbows and sparkles but most of the time I really do need to pinch myself :)

Here's a little breakdown - first the intro video we made at the end of summer - if the outtakes one tries to play after I recommend that hehe!

We took on some staff, to allow Al and I to step away from the day to day order fulfilment, production etc and to allow him more time to design (the business had started to feel like it really needed some new designs and products) and for me to get my head back into a creative space where I could strategise, bring new ideas into the business and focus on expansion -

Love over Gold - as the business has been growing we have been able to reduce our production cost and we passed the savings back to our customers. More on the ethical side of our business here -

I was super excited to launch the #PositivityTakeover which is a fun 'pay it forward' type of movement :) You can read about it here -

But I think Instagram gives a better idea of what it really looks like -

As the Business has grown I've found myself becoming more and more interested in the science behind happiness and positivity - it's really quite incredible! Did you know that you can decide to be happier - that you can teach your brain how? Happiness levels are not just something we are born with or that develop and that's just it, if we want to we can change our happiness levels!

Gratitude is an easy place to start and to make it easier, we've created a printable worksheet on Etsy and a gratitude journal on our main site, which you can get via the links below. Do it for 21 days and see the difference yourself! -



Tomorrow is ChΓ© Phoenix's 4th birthday... and our 10 year anniversary πŸ’œ So I'll be doing a little 'family life' post soon ☺️

How is the journey going for you? Are you balancing all the aspects of a happy/fulfilled life? As you can tell by the sporadic nature of my posts here, I've still not quite hit the sweet spot with 'me time'. The space I create for myself generally gets used up on long baths, exercise and seeing friends which is obviously just where my priorities lie right now, but part of me still misses the unique type of sharing and connecting of blogging... So I'm not giving up! Once again I'm going to try and make a little more time for it... The only failure is to stop trying, right? πŸ˜†

Love and happiness to you this Valentines Day πŸ’•
From Astra ✌🏼

My Tribe πŸ’š

Happy FriYAY friends!!! 

We are having the most gorgeous day here, playing dinosaur trains, bike riding, soaking up the sun (before the hail storms come back πŸŒ¨πŸ˜†) and I've been thinking so much about my 'tribe' πŸ’š My last post was about the mama tribe I set up on Facebook, it's connected me with so many wonderful families and definitely made me feel much more like I have a large support network, like I'm part of something big, it's really lovely. Some of the ladies I met through it are now very close friends who I see regularly and I'd say are definitely part of *my* tribe. 

That's what I wanted to post about, My Tribe, they've completely transformed my life πŸ’š 

As new friendships started forming - mostly around ChΓ© Phoenix! I took notice of the vibes of the people in my life, who made be feel good? Who lifted me up when I was not feeling my usual cheery self? Who was FUN to be around? Who was I drawn towards to support? Over the last 2 years (especially) I've made a conscious effort to put time and energy into those friendships, focusing on the good! And without shutting people out, just putting less energy into relationships that don't make me happy. 

Nothing changes instantly, but honestly looking back on it now I'm astounded at the amount of INCREDIBLE people that are in my life, real friendships, people who's door I could turn up at at 4am, and that when something amazing happens I can't wait to tell... Gratitude is not a big enough word! 

Once you realise which people you want to be in your tribe, love them hard! 

Whatever energy you have give it to those people, or person! If there's just one person right now, I say focus on that be the best friend you can, other similar people will be attracted to your vibe πŸ’š and you know what they say "your vibe attracts your tribe" πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Lots of springtime love!
Astra xx

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