My Tribe 💚

Happy FriYAY friends!!! 

We are having the most gorgeous day here, playing dinosaur trains, bike riding, soaking up the sun (before the hail storms come back 🌨😆) and I've been thinking so much about my 'tribe' 💚 My last post was about the mama tribe I set up on Facebook, it's connected me with so many wonderful families and definitely made me feel much more like I have a large support network, like I'm part of something big, it's really lovely. Some of the ladies I met through it are now very close friends who I see regularly and I'd say are definitely part of *my* tribe. 

That's what I wanted to post about, My Tribe, they've completely transformed my life 💚 

As new friendships started forming - mostly around Ché Phoenix! I took notice of the vibes of the people in my life, who made be feel good? Who lifted me up when I was not feeling my usual cheery self? Who was FUN to be around? Who was I drawn towards to support? Over the last 2 years (especially) I've made a conscious effort to put time and energy into those friendships, focusing on the good! And without shutting people out, just putting less energy into relationships that don't make me happy. 

Nothing changes instantly, but honestly looking back on it now I'm astounded at the amount of INCREDIBLE people that are in my life, real friendships, people who's door I could turn up at at 4am, and that when something amazing happens I can't wait to tell... Gratitude is not a big enough word! 

Once you realise which people you want to be in your tribe, love them hard! 

Whatever energy you have give it to those people, or person! If there's just one person right now, I say focus on that be the best friend you can, other similar people will be attracted to your vibe 💚 and you know what they say "your vibe attracts your tribe" 😉👌🏼

Lots of springtime love!
Astra xx


  1. I'm so pleased that you have popped back to post. I've missed hearing how you were getting on. Your Mama Tribe sounds amazing and I'm really pleased that is going well. I wish I'd had one when my kids were small : )

    Take care x

    1. thanks Jo :) I'm going to do a hen update post next especially for you!

  2. I cannot tell you how excited I am that you've written another post! :) I love the sound of your lovely tribe and without realising it I have one too of all special needs Mums. We talk in our facebook group chat about the highs and sometimes the lows of the day, we cheer each other on and pick each other up - they are a great bunch of ladies! Every Mum out there needs a tribe :)

  3. Wonderful reminder, Astra :-) Thank you for this!

  4. Great to see you back here. Good to hear your trivbe is going strong :-)

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