My happy Saturday

Woke up about 9 o'clock, went back to sleep till about 11 - perfect way to start the day :)

Stayed in my fluffy PJ's on the sofa while I read all the blogs I follow, Cara purring at my side. Read some good articles about writing and blogging from the heart, felt inspired :)

Got dressed at about 4 o'clock, and nope I'm not embarrassed to admit that!

Listened to music while searching for land for sale, found 2 intriguing properties in our area, we might go and look just in case one is perfect... We're not ready to buy yet but I love looking and I know if we saw the perfect place it would all work out for us.

Did some baking with hubby, one item will have its own post - an awesome new recipe, made bread for the week, a banana loaf and a veggie packed bolognese for dinner. I love baking with him it's so much fun and he tidies up as we go along - such a bonus!

Scales Al's granny used back in the day, I'm all metric so they hold an ivy plant now, about 1lb!

The banana loaf before baking.

The veggie packed bolognese (before the tinned tomatoes)

Watched some 24 over dinner, bathed Cara's face (she has allergies that make her skin flare up), made a new to-do list. The hubby made me my new favicon, what do you think? My opinion, cute to the max! :)

Now I'm going to drink tea, sample our baking and head off to bed.

I love days like these at home with my husband, spent doing just what we feel like doing at the time. I am so happy right now, I love my weekends, I love my life!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Loving my time here in NI. Will post at length about it all on my return!!

    weekend blessings!

    You sound like us, we are the best team, doing stuff TOGETHER!

    Sft x

  3. Sft, I agree 100% Al and I are best friends we just have so much fun doing things together, even silly boring things are fun with him :)

    Angela I'm so glad you had a great time over here, I'm off to read about it now!


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