Names and tyre planting update

They have names! Reggae, Calypso and Soca! Prominent music from the caribbean, where I spent a few years of my childhood, when I listen to that music it always makes me feel happy deep inside and life seems simple.

"singin' don't worry, about a thing. Coz every little thing, gonna be alright" 

It's similar to how we felt when we first saw the hens in our garden - it just felt right. Things like this are what's important - creating our dream piece by piece, with simple things that make us happy. We love the names, quirky, meaningful and fun, what do you think?

Soca on the right, she's a bit camera shy

Calypso in the wind - just look at that fluffy bum LOL so cute!

Calypso again - she's the poser thats for sure!

Reggae, the mama hen, having a scratch

Reggae is also not the quickest hen in the world, it must have taken her 10 mins of pecking to discover
the clear water container is open at the top... and thats how you drink from it LOL

Calypso, reggae then soca at the back there looking freaked out

The design of the run seems to be working really well, we move it everyday (which takes 2 seconds and is no hassle at all) and it doesn't damage the grass, the ladies get up and down fine on the ladder too. The only thing I can see thats not perfect is that their tail feathers rub on the door when their roosting at night so I'm gona shift the perch over a bit today.

In other gardening news the spuds (potatoes) that we planted in the tyres seem to be doing well, if you missed those posts heres them being planted and a little update picture. Last week I added on another tyre on each and filled the earth up again to near the top, I hope that means even more spuds... We'll just have to wait and see! I also planted another tyre, this time with 4 spuds instead of 1 - too ambitious? maybe but worth a try and they were going off anyway (we just use supermarket ones). So they seem to be doing really really well, they look so healthy, I have a few theories as to why this might be;
  • the heat absorbed by the black rubber
  • the shape of the tyres means they hold little water stores around the edge but drain freely in the middle so they can have water when they want it
  • good positioning 
  • luck :)


  1. I hope they're jammin' too!
    Cutie girls!
    Jane x

    1. Haha! I must play them some music and see if they like it!

  2. Lovely pics of your girls - thank you : )

    1. Glad you like them, they are happy ladies I think :)

  3. Loving the hens! Our girls turned our garden turned into a bog in the winter, hopefully you'll have more luck.

    1. If it gets too bad we can move them onto a paved bit and put leaves/straw down but we can move it to 12 patches before its back on itself if that makes sense... Im lovin them too - will love them even more when they start laying :)

  4. Love the names - so cool! Looks like theyve made themselves at home :)x

    1. Thanks aine, you'll have to bring caitlin round to see them sometime :) x


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