Small business love :)

I'd like to introduce a lovely little cottage industry business that I'm very proud to be sponsored by. Some of you may know Wean already from weans frugal world where she blogs about money saving, craft tutorials, frugal cooking and the antics of her furry feline friends!

Her new business is Raggy World, where she sells beautifully handcrafted, unique and 100% upcycled items. Wean sources all her fabrics ethically - vintage or secondhand. She makes a wide range of items from cat beds (these have my personal recommendation - Cara loves hers) to funky place mats (I have some of these too, they're awesome!). She sells some cool retro fabric in lengths also for the crafty/sewing amongst you!

I really love supporting small businesses like Wean's. I like to know that the item I've bought was made with love and care, it just makes it seem all the more special. The fact that all weans products are made with recycled material is just such a bonus!

But thats enough of me blabbering on, have a look around her shop for yourself, you'll see! Heres my picks, I'm all about blue at the moment!

Cat or small dog bed 

the 'hands free' kit - very handy for walking

pot rests

vintage placemats

Don't forget to keep her in mind too for any upcoming birthday/housewarming gifts and of course christmas :) 


  1. Well what a lovely surprise - I just popped over to see how you and 'bump' are getting on and got quite a shock - thank you.

  2. Wean does make lovely things, I agree.

    Lovely August List Astra!

    Sft x

    1. Thanks Sft, and I thought weans shop would be up your street! Im off to read about more of your trip :) x


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