Our mini festival :)

Photo: Got the marquee set up tonite for the lough shore festival! Saturday cant come quick enough :D
My friend Patrice has been talking about a house warming party since she moved house last April! So we put our heads together and created the 'Lough Shore Festival' Called so because this is the view from her deck (usually minus the marquee...) isn't she lucky? 
Everyone was invited to bring tents, campervans and caravans. We had a big fire, BBQ, fire dancing (by me), live music by Patrice's talented family, candles in jars for lighting and sumo wrestling suits!!! It was just the best night, such a lovely crowd and such a funky festival atmosphere! Gimme a night like this over a club or pub anyday :) 

My first time fire dancing in YEARS - loved it tho :)

Party starting to really get going!
These are my LED poi, means anyone can play around without getting burnt!
Fire fingers on the left and me on the right with poi

Also our baby's first fire dance :)

We all decided it should be a yearly event, next year I think someone will need to hold our baby while I'm fire dancing tho!


  1. I love it! Looks like my kind of party. Baby's first fire dance was pretty!
    Jane x

  2. Looks brilliant in both senses of the word!

  3. It was a great night!! Fire dancing was brill, your a brave woman lol

  4. What a perfect event! You take care with the fire dancing, got your little one to look after now! Only kidding (sort of).

    Sft x

  5. I'm disappointed that I can't see the photos - I can't get them to open either at work or at home. It souns like you had fun. Glad you are keeping well apart from the incipient cold.

  6. Hi everyone, it really was a great night - you're all invited to the next one lol and dont worry Sft I'm careful with the bump but its much less dangerous than it looks!

    Jo sorry you cant see the pics, I dont know why, they went up the same as all the others... x


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