Family time :)

It's lovely being on holiday! Been spending the last few days with my awesome little sister, who we're also staying with, it's so fun to have an adult little sister :) And spending as much time with Stevie (my step-dad, her dad) as possible - you can see where she gets her funky style from hey? lol

More pics to come and going to see baby brother tomorrow, can't wait, unfortunately his mum Kat's not been to well but seems like things are better now so we can go visit :)

Also tomorrow we are having our baby's gender scan done too so get your guesses in! What do you guys think? Boy? Girl?



  1. Boy! Text me and let me know :)

  2. My guess would be a girl.....or maybe a boy....oh I really don't know!! Whatever the precious little bundle is it's going to be so loved so much, so it doesn't really matter.

    Sue xx

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