Enjoying the holidays!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. If you're lucky like us then you still have some time off work to enjoy before the new work year begins, we're spending it relaxing together :) Playing cards, watching movies, visiting family and friends, reading and sleeping... Lots of sleeping :)

Our christmas day was lovely, after we opened our little gifts to each other we spent christmas morning preparing the veg for dinner and setting the table. 

Al's parents came over about half 2 and we had a lovely meal together and just relaxed for the afternoon. After driving them home we watched bad santa.

I really love how we did christmas this year and we intend to keep that balance as our family grows. Christmas for us is about spending time with family, good food and chocolate, the tree and pretty decorations and a few thoughtful gifts. Making sure the gifts don't become the main event I'm sure will be harder as our son gets older but we'll do our best!

Cara LOVED christmas this year, she got piles of turkey, cuddles and attention and the fire was on nearly all the time so she was in her element! She has really become quite attached to my belly, I think she's excited to meet her little brother :) She often cuddles up to my belly, putting her arm round it or just purring at it! I think it's the cutest thing ever.

*but don't worry we'll be careful when babys little just incase...


  1. Your meal looks so delicious Astra! I am glad that you had a lovely time with Al & his parents. I agree with your sentiments about Christmas - good food, company, CHOCOLATE etc.

    Our Christmas day was very hectic as I knew it would be, I knew this would be the case and that it was unavoidable this year due to the MIL wanting things her way. Now though we have caught our breaths and are relaxing - big yay!


    1. haha chocolate is sooo important! hope the rest of your xmas break was relaxing and happy :) xx

  2. glad you have had s good Christmas too. this year is the first Christmas that I haven't seen my middle sister we both agreed it doesn't seem right so have already planned on 2013 she is having Christmas at mine :-)

    I love how snuggly and cute cara looks

    1. oh im so jealous, one day ill have christmas with my sisters again!!! cara really did love christmas this year :) xx


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