Sister time!!!

My lovely big sister Pip has been visiting us this last week :)

We don't get to spend a lot of time together (she works all around the world as a stewardess on fancy yachts) so while she was staying with us last week blogging took a back seat!

Unfortunately we both came down with the cold but at least we could mope around together :) She hadn't seen me since well before I got pregnant so it was quite a shock to see the change in me and see her little nephews kicks and wriggles. She's going to be the most wonderful auntie, she loves him so much already! This time she's looking for work in the Mediterranean so she can just hop on a cheap flight back to visit when he's born.

I so loved having 2 of my favourite people in the world around at the same time, it was lovely :)

PS - I kicked both their butts at backgammon hehe


  1. How lovely for you ! I hope you are in the best of health now and your cold has gone - not long now before Junior makes an appearance is it ?
    Are those 'my' tablemats I see peeping out from underneath the plates on your table ? difficult to tell as the picture is black and white.
    Look after yourself

    1. I am back to full health yes :) and the wee man can arrive any day now! Hopefully not for another 2 weeks or so tho.

      Yes they are the placemats you made, we use them every day and LOVE them, also used at christmas tho you cant really see in the photos.



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