The waiting game :)

No space left! Good job most babies stop growing at 39 weeks lol

Well no real signs that our wee man wants to come into the world yet, he's happy and so I am too. Perhaps the end part of pregnancy is actually designed to increase your patience in preparation for parenthood? I'm normally quite an impatient person but I think I'm just so happy these days it's easy to be content and knowing that he knows best when the right time is takes it out of my hands.

I've really enjoyed being at home, nesting :) Baking (see below mmmm), pottering around organising little areas of the house and reading. Although the most luxurious treat has to be my (nearly daily!) long candlelit baths with essential oils and soft music - during the day! It's just pure bliss, when will I have time for that kind of pampering again? Who knows so I'm enjoying every minute :) 

Raisins, hazelnuts and almonds 
Home made fruit & nut chocolate!

Yum yum yummmm!
And healthier than plain choc!

For those of you who know me quite well by now, you might be thinking 'that all sounds good but a little too relaxed for Astra...' and your right! But don't get mad I promise I am resting enough! I've also been working loads on my new Itty Bitty Book Company :) It's going really well and I'm so excited as to where it could lead this year. I've sent books to New Zealand, UK and America so far! It feels so good to be spreading positivity around the world and setting up something for my future too, I just love it :)

One of my colourful positivity books :)

I'm sure you all know Bee Girl from Sky Minded and Ever Growing? Well she started a brilliant series a while back on her blog where she highlights and shares the love for small businesses who are making a positive change in the world. Its called 'Expanding Ripples'. She does an in-depth interview and really shares the essence of the company, very inspiring I urge you to have a read of all the posts.

I was over the moon when she asked to feature me and my new business, I hope you'll read and enjoy the post. I talk about what inspired me to start The Itty Bitty Book Company, how I think positivity can change the world and a bit of my personal background and views too. 

There is also a positivity book giveaway and you don't want to miss that!

Heres the link :)


  1. That's pretty awesome, and congrats on being featured! Those almond chocolate pieces look delicious.

    1. Thanks tanner :) and they were delicious - nearly all gone already!!!

  2. I'm so pleased that you are enjoying yourself while you are waiting :-)

    I really enjoyed reading your feature and I feel you and I have so much in common as to how we feel & what we believe.

    I always feel like I am bursting with happiness on the inside but over the years I have realised most people don't seem to feel like this and cannot wait to tell you everything that is wrong. And then there are those who just take themselves far to seriously!

    Smiles come easily to me & I have always believed that no matter how bad a situation is there is always a silver lining! I believe if you want good things to happen, be positive & patient and good things will come your way.

    Keep up the good work Astra :-)


    1. Hi Sandra :) I just loved your comment, isn't it amazing that thru blogging you can really find people on the same wave length as you, I find it especially rewarding because people like us seem to be harder to find lol!

  3. Not long now hun. Congrats on being featured will pop over and have a little read.

    1. Thanks and no! Any day now :) so excited!!! Hope you enjoyed the interview :)


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