St Paddys Day Tomorrow!!!

I'm so glad my husband is Irish, I'd have fallen for him anyway mind you ;) But when your a free spirited 19 year old, taking a break from traveling the world and you meet a handsome Irish man who says "come to ireland with me" there is only one answer! And so I moved to Ireland :)

In the 6 years since then I have totally fallen in love with this country, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else, raising my children anywhere else. For me this is home in every sense of the word :) Al and I have been to every county in Ireland, explored mountains, beaches, waterways and cities. Even so we feel as though we've only seen the tip of the iceberg with regards to what this place has to offer, the more you see, the more you discover, the more you immerse yourself in the culture and history, the more you fall in love - you can't not!

St Patricks Day is a great excuse to celebrate a beautiful country, wonderful culture, wear green, drink Guinness and Jameson and have the best of craic! So sláinte my friends!  

Happy St Paddys Day!!!


  1. Happy St Patrick's Day to you and your lovely family.
    I love Ireland and we will be there again in June for our holiday.
    We had family from Roscommon and also my partner's family came from Kerry (Dunquin).
    We love the West coast of Ireland but have visited many other areas too.
    Totally in love with the place and have had a dream to sell up and move there myself.
    Love to you and your lovely family Astra.

    1. Thats awesome! June is a lovely time here :) we love the west coast too, lived near claremorris county Mayo for a while, so beautiful! xx

  2. Astra, do you live near Lisburn as I see that is where your baby certificate. I live in Strangford. Where the ferry goes to Portaferry.
    Hope you enjoy your St Patricks day.

    1. We had a great day thanks :) we live out near the lough, I didnt know you were so close lol small world!

  3. I'm a bit late to wish you Happy St Patrick's I hope you had a good one :)

    Visiting Ireland is on my wish list, it looks so beautiful and I love the accents - hopefully one day I will make it there.


    1. We has a great day thanks Sandra :) I'm sure you will make it here one day and it will be worth the wait, it never disappoints! x


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