An Irish castle!

In November 2008 Al whisked me away to Lough Eske Castle in County Donegal (Ireland) where he asked me to marry him, there was rose petals, candles a stunning diamond ring and he got down on one knee as well - it was pure fairy tale stuff! We went back to the castle (which is also a 5* hotel and spa) for lunch on our wee road trip last week.

We take Ché Phoenix everywhere with us, usually in the wrap, but if we're going for a meal he just chills out or sleeps in his car seat while we eat then sits up with us the rest of the time, joining in the conversations, making friends and making us laugh. We love to have him as part of our dates :)

Ché made an exciting discovery on this holiday too - his hands! It's so cute to watch him stare at them then slowly bring them to his mouth for a good chew lol Everywhere we go with him people tell us how beautiful he is and how happy and content he seems 'you wouldn't even know he was here, theres not been a peep outa him' is a sentence we hear a lot! A friendly waitress took an especially strong liking to him and took him off for a walk around the restaurant and behind the bar to meet the other staff, he loved it!

It was so amazing to go back to that place. We have done so much in the years since then and to think, at that time, we hadn't even started to dream of some of the things we have already achieved! We were barely even thinking of our wedding around that time. We were planning our travels to Africa and Italy, not knowing we would end up back in Ireland a few years later ready to settle down and start our family :)

And here we are back again, happier and more in love than ever :)


  1. You two are just so loved up, it's wonderful to see. Such a lovely place for a proposal! I love those grand buildings you have over your way. Sx

  2. Aw thanks guys, it is such an amazing place, recently renovated and they did such a great job keeping all the character :)


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