How do you find the time???

Sometimes I get frustrated with myself because I am so ambitious, I just want to do so much! Be the best mum I can be all the time, keep really fit and healthy, see my friends, have quality husband and wife time, chill out time, gardening time, cooking and baking time, keep my blog going, run and expand my new business... Plus enjoy each day of the journey to a dream of course :) My list goes on, and it is hard sometimes but totally do-able!

Working with a new baby
Making Itty Bitty Book stands with Ché Phoenix - he's a great helper!

When ever I'm feeling overwhelmed I talk it out with Al and we make a new plan, tweak our routine a bit to make time for what ever it is I feel like I need more time for. We are beginning to realise that for us, time management is a necessity and I'm starting to feel like I am doing all of the above now.

Keeping fit - Mourne Mountains
Keeping fit on a family hike in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains, County Down

Here's how we make time for it all, we've found you have to MAKE the time, it's never just spare, waiting to be used :)

  • Up each day at 7am and we both work on The Itty Bitty Book Company for 2 hours before Ché Phoenix wakes up and then we have family breakfast :)
  • During the days we alternate 'baby duty' so while he's awake at least one of us is fully focused on him, giving him the attention he needs :) During this time who ever is with him gets things like washing and odd jobs around the house/garden done.
  • Monday mornings (after our 2 hours work) we head out to a local cafe and have a weekly strategy meeting, chatting about how last week went and what each of us needs to get done/focus on this week, we write lists and drink tea basically! Then while I'm at my mums and babes group Al works in the cafe.
  • Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-12.30 I have computer time to blog etc and Al's on 'baby duty'
  • Wednesday we head into town (after our 2 hours work) and while I'm at our baby sensory class with Ché Phoenix Al goes to the gym.
  • Friday I'm on 'baby duty' all day so Al can work.
  • Saturday and Sunday are family days where we go hiking, do gardening, see friends and family etc. On our day trips out we always see if there are any markets or gift shops to stop in on as well for The Itty Bitty Book Company so we hit 2 birds with one stone there.
  • Our work day ends between 5.30 and 6, we cook healthy fresh meals together as a family every night and eat together. 
  • Ché Phoenix is mostly asleep for the night by 9 and us by 10.30
  • Some evenings I go out walking with my friends and Ché (catch up time and exercise time), other times I bake or we just chill and watch a movie or something :)

Reading to babies from birth
Choosing which story he wants before bedtime :)

Since writing this post about practicing what we preach we have been so pro-active in making sure we are living our dreams, making sure we are reaching our goals and it's easier than you think, you just need to set aside time to work on your dreams, every single day!

How do you fit in the important things when you think you have no time?


  1. "If they are important, you will find time. If you don't, then they probably aren't important." (Paraphrased quote I once heard).

    Just like with budgeting and paying yourself first, when you are planning your day, you list things that are important and fit them somewhere. THEN you fit the rest of the stuff.

  2. For me, having a routine helps a lot. You've got a lot more on your plate than I do -- but we're both also lucky to have very helpful husbands. I cringe when I hear women complain that their men don't help.

    1. I know what you mean, I so appreciate Al and how dedicated he is to our dreams and our wee family :)

  3. Have to disagree - when planning your day, you have to do the things that you HAVE to do first, especially when you have children, then fit in the rest, IF YOU CAN ! if not, then you just can't do it we all only have 24 hours a day - I mean it's no good making things for your craft business all day if the housework/washing/cooking is piling up is it ? unfortunately we don't all have a doting/caring/helpful man about the place either !
    Speaking as a mother of 3 and grandmother of 8 - you will NEVER fit everything in that you want to do - so don't beat yourself up about it - just do your best.
    Many things have to be sacrificed - one of the joys of Motherhood so they tell me - only to be picked up some time (much later) along the way.

    Only now, in my retirement am I able to do the things that are important to me - when you have a family I'm afraid your wants and needs just aren't in the picture !!
    Don't wish to sound harsh - but that's life.

    1. Wean I'm sorry your experience was like that, it sounds like you really didnt have much time for working on your dreams, obviously every family is different and I can only speak for myself and share what I believe.

      Though I think we have one point of agreement - you do what you HAVE to do first, well for me, I HAVE to work hard on this new business venture so that I can be successfully/happily self employed and work from home as my children grow up. Its so important for me to SHOW my children you can do what ever you want, that all your dreams CAN come true, and actions speak louder than words, kids do what you do before they do what you say.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion though, all comments are appreciated :)

  4. I find having a rough routine helps. I do change and adapt though, I'm not at all rigid. Work happens during the week. Paperwork that must be done at the weekend is done while the children are in bed or out of the house. When they are awake over the weekend it is time to do what they want. Sometimes its time to go out together. It may be that they want to play out with friends. We take each day as they come.
    I think key to managing everything is to take the opportunities when they arise, if something doesn't get done it isn't the end of the world (particularly fussy housework, it will still be there but the opportunities you pass over because you are too busy cleaning won't! children are young once enjoy them while you can :-D

    1. Sarah I like your style! Fussy housework is not my top priority, don't get me wrong my house isn't gross lol I'm talking 'fussy housework'. And I agree with your philosophy on being flexible, with kids its just a must, like the other day Ché Phoenix was a bit unsettled and I just spent the entire day walking with him, playing with him and feeding him, got NOTHING else done and that was fine, he needed my attention. He is always my number one priority and comes first!

  5. Hmmmm not sure how to answer this one. Sarah above pretty much sums me up. I have a rough routine, am flexible and go with the flow! I've found life usually gets in the way of routine anyway!

    I understand though that you & Al live & work in your jobs, & have to keep to some sort of routine in order to make your businesses successful - after all you get out what you put in - and thats why I think it's fantastic that you go to a cafe to discuss business & to work sometimes :-) We live & work in our jobs too and it's great to have a change of scene.


    1. Oh yes, getting out of the house is a must! We also get to go wee roadtrips to stock gift shops and such so those days are always lovely too, we always feel energised after a day away :)

      Trying to stick to a routine is a new one for me, I've always just did what i felt, when i felt like it really! But with so many things to juggle now, as well as being mum, sticking to this routine really seems to help me not feel swamped :)


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