Becoming market regulars in Belfast

Over the last few months we have become regular market traders at St.Georges Market in Belfast. We have loved it so much, there is such a fun and friendly atmosphere between all the traders there and wee Ché Phoenix is the star attraction - we joke that its our selling ploy, draw them in with the cute baby lol. But really we just naturally include him in whatever we are doing, he has made so many friends at the market and he meets so many new people each day, it's got to be good for him socially, plus he's such an active and alert baby, he needs so much stimulation that when we're out and about it's easier on us!

A market day pic from our Instagram account :)


  1. I'm glad your business is going well, I like the layout - very eyecatching.
    I've started making hand made paper and am loving it, I hope to make journals and note books.

  2. I think your stall looks great : )

    And, as always, I appreciate the photo of the wee man.

  3. I'm so pleased for you that your stall at the market is going so well. It looks great and I'm pleased that you take Che Phoenix everywhere with you as he will indeed grow up to be a well rounded and adaptable young man :-) Sx

  4. The stall looks fab and the little guy is such a cutie it's no wonder he's made so many friends at work :)

  5. I'm glad your business is going well, I like the layout - very eye catching.


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