I'm in Scotland!

Hope you all are having a brilliant weekend, I've been having a great time since arriving in Glasgow Friday night. Catching up with my Dad and Kari my step-mom has been lovely and yesterday we went and got my big sister Pippa from the train station...

Obviously I couldn't just wait on the platform like a normal person, Kari and I jumped on the train then surprised her as she walked past haha!

So happy to have my sister for a few days, she's the best :)
My best friend Amy lives in Edinburgh so she and her man Paul came over to meet up with us for the day too, we just drank tea on the sofa and caught up for hours :) Kari made an amazing italian inspired meal which was amazing and a fun night was had by all!

Meet Amy, we lived together when we were 17 managed to keep in touch while being on
opposite sides of the world and now love the fact we're only a half hour easyjet (budget airline) flight away
from each other

Paul and I after our feast of a meal!

Picture of the day - love you Amy :)
Bonus is weekend in Glasgow - total money spent since arriving £0.00! And another one of my 101 in 1001 challenges complete!


  1. Lovely to see you having such a great time x

  2. Thank you Mrs Thrifty, cant believe ive still got till wednesday, we're off for a hike today i hope the scottish weather is kind to us!


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