Last Honeymoon pics I promise!

France here we come!

This picture ended up being quite ironic as the ride on the way back
was so rough chairs were flying across our cabin and the noise of the
waves hitting the side of the boat was immense!

Happy Happy Happy

New Years Eve walking under the Eiffel Tower

400,000 people at the Champs Elysees just before midnight

The crowds broke down the barriers and rushed the street - the energy in the air was crazy!

1st picture of 2012!

Up the Eiffel Tower - stairs not lift - we're hard core!

Super windy that day so we couldn't go right to the top :(

I was still happy though, we hung around and watched the lights come on slowly it was
the most romantic thing I've ever done, the pictures don't do it justice!

So now we're home again and it feels so good! What can I say, I must have become a real 'homeperson' in my old age lol 

Must go and update my 101 list now - definitely crossed a few off this holiday :) 

Glad to be back - Astra xx


  1. Beautiful photos! Paris for new years must have been amazing :)

  2. Thanks so much guys :) Paris was amazing at new year - such an atmosphere!

  3. Oh, what a lovely trip Astra, you and OH are just like Mr Sft and I: Soulmates, in love and who love an adventure.

    I remember celebrating NYEve under the Eiffel Tower about 20 years ago and I loved it. Thanks for bringing back happy memories.

    Sft x

  4. Wow I can't believe you guys had new year there too! thats so cool! it really was a once in a lifetime/never to be forgotten experience :)

  5. You both look lovely. Paris is my birth country and still kind of my home. But I grew up in Australia so my reading and writing French is ugly...

  6. wow thats cool, France and paris are so beautiful. We tried our best at the language and had a laugh with it but i'd have loved to been able to chat more to the locals in their language. Do you ever go back to paris?


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