Stay positive!

I am a really positive person, I'm optimistic, nearly always happy and I see the good in everyone. People often say its why they like being around me, I like being around positive people too, it lifts my spirits and reenforces my own happy outlook.

I believe that a positive state of mind brings positive things to your life, a "what you think you create" type of philosophy.

Sometimes when you seem to be the only positive person in the room it can take real determination not to have your spirits drained by everyone else's negativity. Stay determined though, don't let others effect your mood and when you comment on what a nice day it is today they reply with "it's supposed to rain tomorrow" (that one gets me every time), actually laugh out loud - because it is funny and maybe they'll see it too!

Stay positive - it's the weekend eve! Friday tomorrow and I'll be off to Scotland!


  1. You are a beautiful person, inside and out. What a great attitude. Keep it up.

    Hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

  2. Thank you so much John thats a lovely thing to say, I hope to hold on to that attitude always.

    I am having a fab time with my family, so glad i still have a few days though!


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