February Happy List!

It was so cool to have you guys join in a bit last month with my happy list, in the comments and your own Happy List posts - thank you! Lets create a happiness revolution LOL

The 10 little things that are making me happy this month are:

  1. Planning our backyard hen house and run (so exciting!).
  2. Revamping our home to feel ready for the longer evenings and good weather.
  3. Having lots of candles burning in the evenings.
  4. Having our wood burner in our living room, even if its not hooked up yet!
  5. The fact that it's now light when we get up for work.
  6. Looking outside and seeing our wee greenhouse fixed and set up for spring.
  7. Bubbles :)
  8. Having our wish list for the year written out, we've planned one purchase each month so we can stick to our monthly spending and savings amounts.
  9. Being well and healthy, I went though a stage of catching all the things the kids had at work the last few months but I'm now totally OCD with hand washing, vitamins and echinacea and it seems to be working :)
  10. Seeing the first herb seedlings pop up through the soil on the kitchen windowsill.

So what's making you happy these days?


  1. The weather has been making me happy, i have been off for the last three days so that made me very happy.

    1. awesome :) the weather has been great here too, really 'springy' lol

  2. I love that I am now going to work in daylight and it is not quite dark when I get home in the evenings. I HATE getting up in the dark, going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark - means I only get to see proper daylight at the weekends in winter. Might as well work down a mine in winter.

    Jealous of your woodburner, even if it is not connected up yet : ) Have you got a regular supply of wood to burn or will you have to buy it all?

    1. hey Jo, thanks for joining in :)

      I totally get your winter issue, a few years ago I temped in an office in glasgow and I went 3 days with out seeing ANY natural light, freaked me out! luckily now I work in a room with basically 2 sides glass its lovely and bright and we take the kids out as much as poss so i still get my vitamin D quota :)

      We'll not buy much wood, I made a big batch of paper bricks last summer that we didnt use, and Ill make more this summer (must do a post on that...) we live near a big saw mills so we can get a trailer of chunky off cuts for a tenner that just need a big of axing and we'll collect from the countryside when ever we can too.

    2. My friend has a woodburner and I'm jealous of hers too. She found it a bit tedious msking the paper bricks because they took so long to dry out. Now she makes newspaper rolls. She starts with one sheet and rolls it as tight as she can and then halfway across adds in another sheet etc. You need the middle of the roll tight so there is no air hole or the roll/log will burn too quickly. Once you've added in a few sheets then you can add a couple at a time and add them more often. Once you've rolled a big enough log, fasten it off with a piece of wire used like a twist tie on a plastic bag ie wrap it around the log and twist the ends. My friend then collects the wire closures from the ashes and reuses them. Hope you understand my explanation. It is always easier to watch somebody do something rather than just read instructions. Making paper logs sounds like a good activity when you are sat watching a film : )

      My friend says that these logs burn almost as long as a paper brick (depending on how fat you make the logs) but they are easier to make and to store.

    3. haha good description, I'll try that out for sure :) I can see what she means about the bricks if you were waiting to use them, they do take ages!


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