Love is in the air...

I love Valentines Day, I always have and not just in a romantic way. When I was really little I used to make cards for my mum, then in high school my single girlfriends and I used to share chocolates and tell each other how much we love each other LOL 
LOVE (noun) 
Profound and intense feeling of deep affection; unselfish concern for the well-being of another.  
This year we are spreading the celebrations out over a week since on the 15th it's also 5 years to the day since we flew to Ireland to start our life together. This was quite a huge deal since we had only known each other 5 months and of that time I had been away visiting family for nearly 2 months out of that!!! I'd never been to Ireland before, knew no one there except Al and we had no money... I guess we just both knew we were worth taking a chance on. 

So back to topic, any holiday celebrating love is good in my book, obviously I'm not all about extravagant gifts and spending lots of money to show your feelings. I like to get creative and have a bit of fun with Valentines Day because there's so much pressure for it to be the "perfect romantic evening" sometimes it can end up a bit forced, do you ever feel that? I thought I'd share what we have planned and if you have any ideas or plans you'd like to share leave a comment! No point in idea sharing on the evening of the 13th hey?

  •  We're big kids so a romantic den in the living room sounds like so much fun to us! Classic romantic films, fun board games, ice cream and cosy blankets!

  • Candlelit steak dinner - the way to my heart is with steak! We have some sparkling apple instead of wine though since we're on a detox. 

  • On the weekend after the rush we're going to go back to the place we had our first ever date, sit in the same seats, order the same food and reminisce over the wonderful years since then. 

  • Have breakfast in bed - croissants and orange juice then go back to sleep! So naughty hehe!

I'm so excited, next week's gonna be awesome! Also "hello" to my new followers, thanks for following my journey to a dream, I hope you enjoy it :) I've checked out your blogs and you all seem lovely! I'm so glad you'll be along for the ride - welcome! 


  1. We may not hear from you for a week!!

  2. haha you may not! I hope you and your lady have a lovely time :)

  3. I am also working out a plan of love for Mr Sft. It requires creativity not lots of money.

    Sft x


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