Visiting family doesn't have to cost a fortune!

I had such a brilliant time visiting family and friends in Glasgow last week but I can't stop thinking about how I didn't spend a single penny apart from the flights! Since lots of you are frugal and into saving where possible I thought I'd share my tips with you and no I'm not super cheap/rude and just expect everyone to pay for me all the time lol

An obvious start is don't spend ANYTHING at the airport... EVER! I always bring a snack with me so I don't have to buy food before I arrive.

When I'm visiting people I want to spend lots of time chatting and relaxing with them, catching up properly so going to the movies or shopping all day really doesn't do it for me. I love home cooked meals and luckily my family are great cooks, so we only eat out every now and then. We went for a lovely walk one day, the weather wasn't perfect but don't let that put you off.

In the evenings we took turns cooking, we watched funny youtube clips and the movie 'into the wild', such a great story. On Tuesday Pip and I had a fantastically lazy day, we stayed in our PJ's, drank tea, chatted about the future, did one or two productive things but nothing major. 

On Wednesday we did some charity shopping and I found another Jamie Oliver book, I couldn't believe my luck, it was only £3 and my dad bought it for me :) Turns out its my favorite Jamie book, he talks about how he grows different veg and its set up in seasons not chapters, I'd recommend it for anyone with a veg garden.

I'm so glad we got such great pictures on the last day too, proof you should never trust the weatherman he said it would be terrible! 

So with a bit of luck, nice weather, good cooks and lovely people it's easy to have a no spend holiday, flights at £60 not included haha


  1. Very nice pictures, family and scenery.

    1. Cheers John :) Scotland is beautiful hey?

  2. Great family shots! I completely agree - never purchase ANYTHING at the airport.

  3. haha thanks Cheapchick :) Aren't airport prices crazy!?!


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