Through the keyhole

Just a few glimpses of my home.

This last picture my hubby took of me the first month we moved to Ireland in 2007, he's an amazing photographer among other things :)


I've just published a page that explains what it is that we are working towards, what our dream is. It feels strange to share such a personal thing but nice at the same time, like its all out in the open, this is who I am, this is my dream for my future :)

The Balance

When your on a journey like ours, it involves lots of work so we can save and get to our dream as soon as possible. We both love our jobs (we'd leave if we didn't!) but every now and then when you've had an especially busy/long week it can feel like the balance is waaay out.

This weekend we are getting the scales back to the angle we like starting with homemade pancakes for dinner with chocolate 'n' banana and lemon 'n' sugar then movies and cuddles on the sofa, followed by a massive lie-in and probably breakfast in bed too!

This pic was from our last date night which had a bit of an american feel to it :)

Looking forward to Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season by far, I can't wait till it kicks in again. I love the colours, the magical mist and the fresh crisp air. Two years ago Al and I were driving in a campervan through every county in Ireland, trying to find a place to call home. It was such an exciting time for us, a huge adventure where everyday was something new, we loved it :)

Addicted to the chase of my happiness...

I just cant get enough of this song at the moment! I must have played it 100 times in the last week lol

It's just exactly how I feel, determined to stay in this happy bubble the hubby and I have created :) What feel good songs are you loving at the moment? Im always looking for more to add to my 'happy mix'


Only just watched that video and I'm so unimpressed! Still, the song itself rocks the mic!
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