My little brother :)

So I'm finally getting around to organising our holiday pictures YAY! We had such a lovely time away and since getting back we've celebrated Al's birthday, caught up with friends, had another baby scan and nearly finished painting the baby room!!! Busy busy busy but lots of fun :)

Here's us meeting baby Ray for the first time -

Getting a bit of practice in lol! The bandage is just because he had a little infection from scratches on his face and they were giving him antibiotics. He was fast asleep our whole visit!

Big sister, little sister, baby brother & unborn son. I love this picture, just missing my big sister.

Stevie with his new baby boy :)

Loving the tiny hands and feet! It really was amazing to hold a week old baby while being pregnant, he was a big baby at 9 pound 1 and i just couldn't get over the size of him!!! Al and I were both 7 pound 13 when we were born so I'm hoping our little man will follow suit. 

Babies are such little miracles. Sometimes it's still hard to comprehend that inside me is a tiny, perfect human. Growing bigger and stronger each day, with his own personality and future. I love him so much already and can't wait to meet him :)

Family time :)

It's lovely being on holiday! Been spending the last few days with my awesome little sister, who we're also staying with, it's so fun to have an adult little sister :) And spending as much time with Stevie (my step-dad, her dad) as possible - you can see where she gets her funky style from hey? lol

More pics to come and going to see baby brother tomorrow, can't wait, unfortunately his mum Kat's not been to well but seems like things are better now so we can go visit :)

Also tomorrow we are having our baby's gender scan done too so get your guesses in! What do you guys think? Boy? Girl?

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