Easy & simple handmade birthday present!

Yesterday was my friend Patrice's birthday, we already went out for a meal last weekend but I wanted to give her a wee gift too. This month our budget has to be super tight if we're gonna stay on track with our savings because in Feb the car insurance, 2 new tyres and a few other one-off bills all came out at once, don't you hate that? At least they're done for the year now.

Anyway one of my 101's is to not buy any cards, make them all from scratch and so far this year I have :) This is the wee gift and card I made, all from bits and bobs I already had in my newly transformed craft studio.

Do you guys give handmade gifts? (I already know frugal down under and the frugal graduate are wonderful gift makers!) I used to make gifts just if I was broke LOL but now I see the value in thoughtful gifts that have taken time and energy to make (or choose if your not creative yourself). These gifts are the ones I enjoy receiving far more than expensive ones and I don't think I'm alone so from now on I will be trying to make ALL the gifts I give :)  


  1. That looks absolutely lovely. I am jealous of your friend now! :D

    I think that because you put such a lot of thought and effort into homemade gifts, they mean a lot more. Patrice will probably always remember his present this year, but would he if it had just been a CD, DVD or gift card??

    1. Aw thanks Bryallen, and thats true about them being more memorable :)

      Ps Patrice is a girl LOL its just one of those names that can go both ways I guess!

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    1. Thanks Dani, Ill be making more like this for sure :)

  3. The card and key ring are beautiful - I absolutely adore the bow! I make my owns cards but they look more like the work of a five year old because my crafting abilities non existent! For Mothers Day and my sisters birthday I made their card and then gave them a 'voucher' to use up when I next see them! I love the idea of homemade gifts (we had a homemade Christmas last year) as anyone can walk into a shop and buy something for someone, but only you can make them that gift.

    Philippa x

    1. Haha I bet they don't look like a 5 year olds and even if they did, I work with kids and 5yr olds cards are the cutest! I want to have a homemade christmas this year, need to start early though or I'll run out of time again...

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    1. Thank you! and can I just say that banana cake you made was the most beautiful banana cake I've ever seen, they're normally just in a loaf tin. I like your style :)

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    1. Cheers Jo, and Im LOVING your happy list, thanks for joining in :)

  6. Wow! That's so beautiful - Well done :D
    And thank you for inspiring me because my sister will have her 16th birthday and i don't what will I make for her then i search in google the I found you!
    Will you help me? I have some questions.
    What kind of paper did you use? And did you sew around the edge on the front page? and do you just used glue to attached those shirt buttons?
    Thank you sooo much! :)))

    1. Hi Arinda, Im so glad you like it! I used a hot glue gun to stick the fabric and the buttons but I'm sure a good multi purpose glue would work, the paper is thick card, must be very thick or it won't hold up nicely, good luck xxx

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