Life is busy and happy

My baby brother was born on saturday evening, under a firework celebration of some sort! He has beautiful dark hair just like his Daddy (tecnichally my x-step daddy but always a father to me) and is so loved :) We leave this weekend to go and see him and cuddle him and finally meet his mama who I'm sure is wonderful and perfect for him :) He doesn't have a name yet but I'm sure he will soon, names are so important I can see why people don't rush it. I'm just so glad he's here and happy and healthy - I've always wanted a little brother! No photos yet but next week there'll be an overload :)

I did my first family photo shoot last weekend as a gift for a good friend of mine Aine who is having her second baby girl at the end of october, she looks beautiful with her massive bump and her family are just so sweet it was lots of fun :)

Aine's blog is and really inspirational :)

These are some of Caitlin's first steps, magical especially since she was told she'd never walk!

Our baby is doing amazing, Im starting to feel little kicks and movements, not every day but I'm sure that'll change soon :) We had a scan nearly 2 weeks ago and we saw our baby in so much detail it was incredible, lips and nose, 10 tiny fingers and toes, the spine, stomach, kidenys, bladder and heart pumping away it was brilliant. I'm not very big myself (at 5 months I thought I'd be massive!) so it was a nice reassurance that our baby is big and growing strong.

I've become sightly addicted to coco butter, the smell is amazing and hopefully its helping to fend of those stretch marks, so far so good but I'm not really too fussed if they do start, its all part of  it hey? I haven't had any crazy or funny cravings to report but there's still time :)

I'm doing great too, feeling healthy and happy :) Trying to keep a cold at bay atm but thats nothing unusual at this time of year! This is my las week of working 40 hours (WOOP) when we get back from our Devon holiday on the 9th I'll be working 3 days instead of 4 until my maternity starts at the end of November. I'm looking forward to having time to make things, blog and feel more relaxed and nesty! Maybe go swimming and join a nice antenatal group or something.

So much to look forward to, so much to be happy about today too. I'm a lucky lady :)

Me at 19 weeks (21 weeks now)

Our mini festival :)

Photo: Got the marquee set up tonite for the lough shore festival! Saturday cant come quick enough :D
My friend Patrice has been talking about a house warming party since she moved house last April! So we put our heads together and created the 'Lough Shore Festival' Called so because this is the view from her deck (usually minus the marquee...) isn't she lucky? 
Everyone was invited to bring tents, campervans and caravans. We had a big fire, BBQ, fire dancing (by me), live music by Patrice's talented family, candles in jars for lighting and sumo wrestling suits!!! It was just the best night, such a lovely crowd and such a funky festival atmosphere! Gimme a night like this over a club or pub anyday :) 

My first time fire dancing in YEARS - loved it tho :)

Party starting to really get going!
These are my LED poi, means anyone can play around without getting burnt!
Fire fingers on the left and me on the right with poi

Also our baby's first fire dance :)

We all decided it should be a yearly event, next year I think someone will need to hold our baby while I'm fire dancing tho!

Life gets in the way!

I really wanted to be one of those dependable, regular bloggers who updates say, twice a week every week without fail. Thats not going to happen, I'm just not that person lol. I blog when it feels right and when I have the time, I hope you guys don't mind :)

The last few weeks have been brilliant, so much has been going on that I want to share but I'm going to have to break it up into a few posts and a happy list!

Today we went to get some wood, we're stock-piling for the winter, last time we went it was £5 for a car boot full - brilliant value. Today they let us have it for free - nothing - £0!!! Free heat for the winter, we couldn't believe it. It's in a huge pile and you climb around yourself picking the bits you want and loading it yourself, maybe thats why it's not all gone. I guess a lot of people like to have it in neat little bags already and don't mind paying literally 8X more for the 'convenience'. Its nearly all the right size too, small chunky blocks (they're my favourite) short planks and random shapes. Some will just need sawn in half and some bits we've kept aside for building stuff.

This is our most of our haul, cost us a grand total of £5 and took 2 trips just up the road to collect :)  

It makes me so happy to feel all organised and prepared for the cold weather, it's just really comforting don't you think? Anyway this is going to be our saturday morning ritual from now on! I want it up to the roof! :)
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