Total spud annihilation!!!

This year we've had a few garden success's and failures, last week we had a comically epic garden fail, to blame - the hens. Our little spud/cabbage patch is tucked away behind the garage which means it doesn't get the best sun but is easy to shut off from the hens. Or so we thought, the crafty wee feckers got in and totally annihilated every single plant!!! They looked so cute and innocent when I caught them that I had to laugh, I mean look at their wee faces who could be mad :)

Total devastation... 

So we just left them to it (may as well at this point!) and dug them all up the next day. It was quite a disappointment since most of the spuds were literally grape size, still super tasty though!

Our garden success to report is our peas, they rocked! We didn't plant that many either, maybe a square meter if you put the 3 patches together and the batch we picked lasted 3 meals (big pea portions) we were really happy with them :)

This year for the amount of time spent I think our garden has provided us really well with fresh veg, the main gardening months here (the last 3 months) I've slept practically every spare minute I've had so any gardening has really been all Al and he's done really well to keep it going. We've kept to our no lettuce year promise (buy no lettuce at all for 2012 - grow all our own) and we've started no bread year too, so far about 2 months with baking all our own :)

Speaking of bread I actually must go make some now for lunches tomorrow...

Small business love :)

I'd like to introduce a lovely little cottage industry business that I'm very proud to be sponsored by. Some of you may know Wean already from weans frugal world where she blogs about money saving, craft tutorials, frugal cooking and the antics of her furry feline friends!

Her new business is Raggy World, where she sells beautifully handcrafted, unique and 100% upcycled items. Wean sources all her fabrics ethically - vintage or secondhand. She makes a wide range of items from cat beds (these have my personal recommendation - Cara loves hers) to funky place mats (I have some of these too, they're awesome!). She sells some cool retro fabric in lengths also for the crafty/sewing amongst you!

I really love supporting small businesses like Wean's. I like to know that the item I've bought was made with love and care, it just makes it seem all the more special. The fact that all weans products are made with recycled material is just such a bonus!

But thats enough of me blabbering on, have a look around her shop for yourself, you'll see! Heres my picks, I'm all about blue at the moment!

Cat or small dog bed 

the 'hands free' kit - very handy for walking

pot rests

vintage placemats

Don't forget to keep her in mind too for any upcoming birthday/housewarming gifts and of course christmas :) 

August Happy List :)

Just think of 10 things that are making you happy this month, write them down and grab the banner above for your post! Lets forget about the negatives for a minute, turn off the news and give some attention to all the good things in our lives!

The 10 things making me happy this month are...
  1. Orange juice - loving it these days!
  2. Having friends visit for the weekend and me managing to stay awake for most of their stay lol
  3. Showing friends and family our baby scan picture and seeing the scan!
  4. Double yolk eggs we get from our hens every few days
  5. Our new mattress - it is exactly what a bed in heaven would feel like :)
  6. My pregnant belly feeling bigger by the day!
  7. Seeing my friend take the plunge and start her own business, I'm so excited for her!
  8. Having the luxury of time so I can just rest when I'm tired and enjoy this pregnancy instead of feeling like I always should be doing something else. Since Al does do everything, except grow our baby, HE should really be number 8 :)
  9. Womens hockey games and all the track races of the olympics 
  10. My friends :)

12 week picture, I'm 13 weeks now and bigger already!

If you post a happy list don't forget to leave a comment so I can add you're link to the revolutionaries and people looking for a positivity kick can come find you!


I'm still here!

Sorry for the long absence, I feel bad after promising to keep you all updated! Everything is wonderful here, I have just been so tired. I know it's really important to listen to your body and even more so when your pregnant. I've been getting home from work and feeling shattered so I've just been getting dinner and going straight to bed nearly every night. Doing that has meant that during the day I'm not totally exhausted, I think it's the right thing to do because I feel brilliant and am loving every minute, even all the sleepy ones :) 

On tuesday we got to see where all my energy was going, heres our little baby! 

 Seeing our baby was just a totally incredible and magical experience. When the picture first came up I burst out laughing and of course the picture went all fuzzy but I couldn't help it I was just so overwhelmed that I could actually see our baby, the one growing inside me, so clearly. 

Once I contained my giggles we saw a tiny hand stretch up, it looked like he/she was waving at us! Then it started leaping around, it was amazing, not just a twitch or a kick it was jumping and flexing all over the place, the midwife called another midwife over to come look because they don't normally see such energetic 12 week olds! So once we saw that it made perfect sense why I have no energy left for myself these days lol

It was lovely writing this little update and hopefully now that I'm into the second trimester I'll find the energy to write more often (and not just about being pregnant!) and read more blogs too - I feel strangely out of touch. Thanks for sticking around though :) xxx

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