To stay as happy as we are now, to have the time we want together as a family and to live sustainably on our own land. That's it really, the simple, good life. ***Disclaimer at end of post

The details of the dream for us include;
  • a simple warm and cosy home 
  • half an acre or more of land to call our own
  • chickens, ducks and a pond 
  • a fruit orchard, apples mostly
  • small forest for wood, wildlife and a treehouse 
  • bee hives for honey and beeswax for candles
  • dairy goats for milk and cheese
  • Itty Bitty Book Co studio 
  • pollytunnel and greenhouse for veg and chillies
  • big kitchen to cook, bake and be the heart of the home
  • diverse year round herb and flower garden
  • reliable income from endeavours that we are passionate about 
We leave John Seymores' bible, oh I mean book, open on this page as a visual reminder of the type of thing we are working towards. It's his 'new book of self sufficiency' - brilliant, practical and inspiring.

We realised that we just couldn't stay working for other people and have the time we wanted with our son, each other and to dedicate to our lifestyle, although we would have been able to buy our smallholding by now, those first 2 points are far more important to us and worth delaying the last. 

So we chose the thing we were most passionate about and created a business out of it. 3 years on we feel like that was the best decision ever, the line between work and play is often blurred in our days, we each spend more quality time per week with Ché Phoenix than we do 'at work'. Our business is now providing us (and 1 employee) with a comfortable wage and purposeful work that we love... Gratitude is overflowing in our home :) 

 Itty Bitty Book Co Purpose Print

We are big believers in enjoying each day, focusing on the positives and enjoying the journey to the dream... 

*** Over the years since I named this blog I've found myself actually 'living my dream' without having even close to everything on that list. I've realised that the journey is all we ever have, and if I wake up happy, have purpose, am surrounded by family, friends and love - well, that's my dream and I have it :) But! As an ambitious couple who will never settle there'll always be more of the journey to share!


  1. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful "dream" to strive towards! Life at it's best! :)

  2. What a lovely dream, mine is very similar. I am sure you will achieve all those things with time and love every second of the journey.

  3. Carla and Dan thank you both so much for your lovely comments, at such an early stage in my blogging every message is such a surprise and so so appreciated :)


    Looking forward to supporting you in getting there.

    Sft x

  5. Sft thank you for 'following' me on my journey, its lovely to meet you! Im off to check out your blog now :) xx

  6. We have the same "bible" LOL John Seymour also inspires me every step I make on my journey to self sustainability.

    I wish that all your dreams come true, and with your (new) man by your side as you travel your destined path, you're off to a good start :)

  7. Dani brought me to you. I don't do the sustainability thing, but I do the tread lightly and live mindfully thing. I too would like to hear your Irish voice. Maybe you can put in a videoclip with a voiceover?

  8. Hi Dani :) Thanks again for the lovely welcome on your brilliant and inspiring blog.

    One day I'll be going to visit John Seymours's land, in Wexford, his daughter and husband who helped re-write that book still live there and run courses as far as I know, it's on my to do list

    Elephants Eye I wrote on Dani's blog about a video, I like the idea. I mentioned on her blog about my accent;

    'I hope I've not been misleading, I am Irish, in my heart! This is my home, I love it and I've lived here for 5 years which is longer than any other country I've lived in, but I don't have an Irish accent, sorry, just a twang of it. My husband is 100% Irish and he does have a lovely accent, mine is a big mix of Irish, Australian, South African and English. As soon as we've been married 3 years I'll be the very proud owner of an Irish passport, I can't wait! So like I said I am Irish it's just my accent won't prove it :)'


  9. You look like you have a good start on your dream. I will warn you though that this kind of "dream" is neverending, lol. Please check out my blogs as well.

  10. Hi Becky, of course I checked out your blog! I love to see who the people are behind the comments, your blog is great.

    I know this dream will be never ending, there will always be things added to the wish list and ways to improve my lifestyle! My aim is to enjoy every step of the journey so it doesn't matter how long it takes :)

    thanks for following xx

  11. What a fantastic dream! We use that, book, as well! So good! Glad to have found you! I look forward to seeing where this path of yours takes you :-)

  12. You have a dream that is close to my own heart too. Good luck and enjoy the journey!

  13. Bee Girl and Crafty Blueberry, thank you so much for your support I'm so glad you like my blog! I am loving making all these new connections with people :) xx

  14. Just putting words to your dream is half the journey, I think! Wishing you continued success as you enjoy each step of the way.

  15. Thank you so much Jamie, your right, I think once you know exactly what you want its so much easier to get there. I really appreciate your support and kind words :) xx

  16. Hi Astra,

    So lovely to *meet* you too! I know, our dreams are almost identical - amazing! Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I cannot wait for the post on your van and road trip. I LOVE going off on adventures - nothing beats finding somewhere beautiful to pull over and stop to spend the evening! Looking forward to reading about and following your journey!

    Philippa x

    1. Cheers Philippa Im so glad your along for the journey! Its so cool to connect with people on the same path as you :)

  17. I love your enthusiasm for life - long my it continue.
    Your site and the way you write is refreshing.
    I wrote an e-book once called 'Never Let Go of The Dream' - it would certainly have applied to you !
    I've been there and done all those things on the list - and it is indeed a wonderful way of life, you'll get there - 'Never Let Go of The Dream'

    1. Thank you Wean, its lovely to have another optimist following :) I definitely will hold on to this dream, we're so close I can taste it LOL

  18. I love your dream and I hope you realise it! I'm almost 60 and didn't have a dream. I do now. it's similar to yours. And though I might not realise all of it, I'm working on the things I CAN. Love and Blessings

  19. Hi StarDust, nice to *meet* you :) I believe having a dream and knowing exactly what it is is half the battle. Im sure you'll achieve so much of your dream, one step at a time. Thanks for leaving a comment, I love to see who's popping by my little corner of the internet :) x

  20. Well it sounds like you've got the same dream as me (although mine was the next page in John seymours - the five acre holding - I have the picture on the wall at the bottom of the stairs). I hope you get to do it, we brought our smallholding last year (and had a baby) and it's been great, a lot of hard work but worth it.

  21. Hi! Stumbled across your blog. I read about your dream and saw your interest in a green house. I don't know if you have heard of in-ground greenhouses, but here's an example: Not affiliated in any way, but found the concept intriguing. If you do a search, you'll see many variations. (I had a nicer sounding post typed up, but when I did a search to get a link I ended up leaving the page and it all went *poof*. Cranky baby. No time to type it up again lol!) ^_^


Thank you for leaving a comment - it's really appreciated and I always reply :)

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