I'm Astra & I love...
  • My wonderful husband - Al
  • Our boy Ché Phoenix :)
  • Nature
  • Feel good music
  • Happy people
  • Tea and chocolate
  • Promoting Positivity - which is now our family business!!!

After a lifetime of traveling and years of exploring the world with Al we are now happily settled in Ireland, the country Al was born in, grew up in and that I fell completely in love with as soon as I arrived! 

Our little family consists of us and our amazing boy! Our worlds revolve around each other, we work and play together every day. I see it as a beautiful balancing act with gentle parenting, working towards our dream smallholding, making an positive impact with our business and our marriage all in the mix together :) 

Al and I are now both self employed, we run our little social enterprise business Itty Bitty Book Co which promotes positivity through his design of inspirational quotes, handmade books and screen printed products from our home studio and have one employee who helps with production. We took a leap of faith in 2013 and with Ché Phoenix just 3 months old we both quit our jobs and put our hearts into what we were passionate about - we haven't looked back since :) 

'Our dream' page has more on us and why we chose to be self employed and how its effected our life and journey.

So that's all about me and us! I started this blog in 2011 to share our journey because I knew it would be fun, positive and hopefully inspiring. We're an ambitious couple and believe in happiness. Everyday.

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