38 Week Baby Update :)

I keep putting off this post because the baby room keeps getting little things added to it and I think 'ooo I have to photograph that to go in the post too' but I realised it's constantly going to change so I should just show you!

Here's our son's bedroom, his special little books, clothes and toys all waiting for him, I am nearly overwhelmed with love and excitement every time I go in here!

Al and I painted the roof and put up the shelves ourselves :)

Just waiting for his wee friend to arrive :)

Classic children's book and one of Al's toys from his childhood :)

Some of Al's treasures from when he was a boy

Al had this printed out for me at christmas - I love it :)

Pre-loved toys, Handmade Pillow, Toys from Al's childhood and what will be our son's first outfit!
The chest of drawers I sanded and repainted to match the room, it's filled to the brim with super cute
clothes all given to us by friends, we havn't bought him any - he has more clothes than me!

Every boy needs a wooden train don't you think?

Tiny shoes and a present from our friend Aine :)

Well thats the baby room! We love how it's turned out and we've stuck to our philosophy of lots of books 'no plastic crap' lol and second hand items :)

I am keeping really well, still loving being pregnant! The pace has slowed down a bit around here, more relaxing and early nights. Baby boy is so big now and still as active as ever, my tummy really does look alien at times now! Sometimes you can even see that it's his foot sticking out, he loves sticking his foot out hehe. I think he's getting ready to make a move over the next few weeks since he's dropped down lower and I'm getting lots of practice contractions.

It's all so exciting and we just love it! I'm looking forward to his arrival but also not wishing these last few precious days/weeks of being pregnant away. I know he'll arrive at the perfect time for him :)

Sister time!!!

My lovely big sister Pip has been visiting us this last week :)

We don't get to spend a lot of time together (she works all around the world as a stewardess on fancy yachts) so while she was staying with us last week blogging took a back seat!

Unfortunately we both came down with the cold but at least we could mope around together :) She hadn't seen me since well before I got pregnant so it was quite a shock to see the change in me and see her little nephews kicks and wriggles. She's going to be the most wonderful auntie, she loves him so much already! This time she's looking for work in the Mediterranean so she can just hop on a cheap flight back to visit when he's born.

I so loved having 2 of my favourite people in the world around at the same time, it was lovely :)

PS - I kicked both their butts at backgammon hehe

New Year - New Challenge :)

This year I've started a new business...

The Itty Bitty Book Company! 

I hand make itty bitty books full of positivity and happiness! It's still really early days so I haven't set up on Etsy yet but I will soon, for now its all on my Itty Bitty Book Company FaceBook pageClick like to keep in touch - there'll be quotes and pictures shared from around the world that are sure to brighten your day :)

**EDIT** heres my etsy page

So what exactly is the itty bitty positivity book???

Its a 32 page, 5cm square book of positive quotes and inspiring images. It's matt laminated and professionally printed on card so it's very durable and silky to the touch. It's binding is made of strong cotton cord decorated with various beads from my collection including hand-spun fair trade glass beads from India. 

You can get a closer look on the facebook page where there are lots of photos of the quotes and the beads too.

It's purpose in life is simple - to promote positivity!!!

I'm so excited about this new little venture so please have a look, like, share 
and let me know what you think! xxx

***EDIT*** I now have an etsy shop click here!!! 

My photo re-cap of 2012

new year on honeymoon in paris

visiting my dad and stepmom with my big sister

celebrating valentines day and 5 years of us being together

one of our day trips - derry

sunny days in the garden

my watering can tutorial that went viral

being madly in love, all year!
building our hen run

getting our hens
becoming pregnant!!! this is my 1st pregnant photo

sleeping in the park in Edinburgh

my first scan

our wood pile growing

holiday with my step dad and little sister

al's birthday, gifts for baby too

getting our wood burner installed

the whole experience of being pregnant

quiet, cosy christmas break

2012 was so wonderful, undoubtably the best year of my life. I have a feeling I'll be saying the same thing next year about 2013 though! No resolutions this year we'll just keep doing what makes us happy - simple :)

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