Busy. Happy. I miss blogging!

I have really missed blogging the last month! I miss reading blogs, playing around with photos, writing posts... all of it! Ché Phoenix has been in a crazy sleep pattern the last few months of being up every hour and a half, and thats not an exaggeration. Our wee family business is just going from strength to strength, all our hard work is paying off, we couldn't be happier. So we've just not had time for anything except family time, work, sleep but last night we had a break through :) Ché Phoenix slept 3 hours straight, woke for a feed then another 3 hours!!! I feel like a new woman, full of energy and like we've got through the worst of it and it's just gonna get better and better :)

These photos are from the first ever time he ate solid food, spinach and peas from our garden, the photos are about a month late but totally still worth sharing :)

First stage of detachment...

A journey to a Dream - Breastfeeding and weaning

A journey to a Dream - Breastfeeding and weaning

Ché Phoenix is 6 months old. Wow. He is one special boy and I feel blessed each day to be his mama. I'd always thought of myself as quite a confident yet relaxed parent, one that wouldn't have trouble with 'letting go' when the times come. 

As the time approached for Ché Phoenix to start eating solid food it hit me that this was the first, of many, stages of detachment that we will go through as mother and son. Until now, he has received EVERYTHING he needed from me. 100% of the nourishment he has needed to grow into the healthy, strong boy that he is has come directly from me. Now as he starts to eat 'real food' I take a tiny baby step back... It was a funny thought and if I'm honest, the idea took a while to get used to (am I the only one???). 

As he reached the 6 month milestone I saw so many big changes like, him walking when we hold his hands, his hand eye co-ordination, how much he laughs, how he rarely falls when he's sitting up, his 'talking' and squealing! But it was the little changes in him, the things that are hard to describe that have made me feel more confident and happy about this next stage. I'm actually enjoying it now. He's ready. It's messy and so much fun :)

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