Making an inspiring space...

Since this post I've been really really wanting to sort out my craft room and make an inspirational, efficient, organised craft room to work in but just haven't got around to it. Last sunday my lovely Hubby, who always seems to know exactly when I need a bit of help, took the initiative and decided a total clear-out was what that room needed - a fresh start! He was so right, look at the pile that came out of that room!

This is all useable craft supplies, material, paper, beads, glue etc
Once it was all out I could take a good look and logically think where I wanted everything, plan out each area of the room, I want a card making area with all my paper and card, a jewellery making area with all the beads out on display and a sewing area with easy access to my material.
The plan is a bead shelf along here...

A card making area over in that corner...

And sewing area here...
We did get a bit more than this done but I wanted to post these pictures up here so it'll push me to get it finished, the end of this weekend is my goal - Sunday 11th, after all it is one of my 101 challenges and you gotta love crossing those off lol

I'm so glad I started this project and I just know when it's looking all beautiful and inspirational I'll get all those craft projects done that I've been wanting to do!


  1. Good luck! I'll keep checking back as I want to do the same with my attic room which is currently full of junk and needs a proper clear out.

    1. Awesome :) I'm off work today, must get dressed and get started lol

  2. Your new craft room will look great. You are such a talented person and you'll create loads of amazing things that will make many people happy x

    1. Aw thanks so much love, but I really couldn't have done it with out you! xx


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