Honeymoon crisis averted :)

So our ferry to France on the 27th was cancelled... after a slight panic we managed to re-book 2 days later and book into the Woodenbrigde Lodge, the oldest hotel in Ireland while we waited (lost our Rouen hotel payment though grrrrrrr). It's in the beautiful County Wicklow and was a good place to rest, re-organise and take stock.

Also on an interesting and pretty cool side note, Eamon De Velara and wife Sinead also spent part of their honeymoon in this hotel in January 1910! (very important man in Irish history)


  1. It still sounds like a wonderful trip!

  2. Glad you are having a good time. I wanted to thank you for awarding me a liebster award, how lovely. Sorry it has taken an age to reply but I still have no internet and seem to have no time either! Happy New Year to you

  3. Oh Alex it was :) Paris really is an amazing city, we had a brilliant honeymoon but glad to be home again now

    Frugal Living UK - Thanks we had a great new year - hope you did too :) also hope your settling in well to your new home and surroundings


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