In full swing!

It's really started to feel like 2012 is in full swing, Christmas seems ages ago and when the sun pops out you can see Spring on the horizon :)

Getting back into work after a break always takes a week or so for me and it didn't help getting 50 hours last week... Anyway this week I got my day off (we work 10 hour days, so a 4 day week) and I'm feeling super positive about the next few months. A main goal for us is to save save save, this year may well be the year we find our dream home/land and we want to be in the best position to buy when we do. Luckily we have done all our big spends over the last 7 months; moved house, got married, replaced our car and went on honeymoon! So things should be running at a more relaxing pace this year, thank goodness.

This year we will be making the very most out of our tiny growing space, without digging up the whole lawn since its not our home. We are challenging ourselves to a 'no bought lettuce year' and hope to grow lots of our own veggies to bring grocery costs down and health benefits up :) This year I also have a great space for a craft room, still needs work but will soon be a place where I can make all the cards we'll need for the years' birthdays and special occasions. I'll be making and altering my own clothes (so excited about this) and maybe some of Al's too, that will be so satisfying and save us money, not that we're big clothes buyers but still. Gifts and things for our home will be made in the craft room and wooden/bigger things in the garage workshop which is nearly all set up. I also have a few cottage industry ideas that will be testing the water this year and might make a few pennies, watch this space lol.

I'm so happy that my work hours, even though full time, give me an extra day at home to be creative and to progress with my creative goals, my personality just really suits having lots of things going on!

Also to save money we'll be doing the obvious things, reviewing all our bills and savings accounts, swapping out any that aren't offering the best deal anymore. Getting a cashback credit card, using as little electricity and heating as is comfortable and enjoying more free date nights as well as cinema and meal ones.

Just need to start exercising again and my 2012 goals are all on track!

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