3 days till road-trip!

Im so excited! This saturday is my lovely husbands 31st Birthday, to celebrate we're going on a road-trip to spend the weekend in his favorite city in the world - Dublin.
As you'll soon come to realise if you follow this blog, we LOVE road-trips, just give us half an excuse and we're off! A really good friend of ours Bazza lives in Dublin so we'll be crashing at his, you gotta love friends who live in cool cities and don't mind you taking up floor space :)

We go to Dublin quite a lot (its only 2 hours on the motorway) but the last time we were there was especially special. It was the week after our wedding and we were on a Galway, Dublin road-trip, we had with us my best friend Aza who came all the way from Australia for my big day after not seeing me for 6 years! And also my Auntie Gail who brought my 2 cousins Lucy and Dan all the way from South Africa. They loved it, Guinness, Jameson and the craic, what's not to love?

Aza looking very serious and Al happy with the quality of the guinness!
Gail and Lucy cheering the irish dancers :)
We're getting all packed and organised this week so on friday we can come home, change and go - hopefully getting there about 9.30. We'll have a flask for tea, chocolate, sandwiches for dinner on the way and lots of good music, essential on a road-trip!

Pictures will follow next week :) Have you ever been to dublin? Do any of you readers live in ireland?


On a little 'enjoying the journey' literal side note, here are some snaps of our car journey to and from Dublin new year 2008... Happy memories :)


  1. I wish I could go to Dublin! I live in the US :(

  2. aww too bad! tho I'm sure there are some cool places within 2 hours of you? xx

  3. I love our road trips. Very very excited about this weekend in the fantastic as always DUBLIN!
    By the way your blog is looking brilliant x

    Michelle P you should visit our great city.

  4. I think dublin must be wonderful.nice pics!

  5. Regina, Dublin IS wonderful! Such a vibrant place and such incredible history behind it, I always love visiting, it never disappoints! what are the cities close to you? xx


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