Meet Pumpy!

 Happy Halloween weekend! 

Al and I love Halloween, we spent our 1st one as friends in Plymouth, I was a bat, he was a zombie version of his best friend. It was a great night filled with laughter, shots and music. Next Halloween we were madly in love, living in Ireland in our 1st home together...


Every year since we've got into the spirit and this year is no different, I've planned a Halloween party at work and got my outfit sorted (you'll just have to wait for that!), we've got all sorts of fun and spooky games planned, I can't wait.

At home we were waiting to get a pumpkin for a reasonable price, yesterday at tesco's we found one for 75p! It had so many seeds in it too, I can't believe people throw away the seeds, seems crazy to me. I roasted all the seeds from my works' pumpkins too, with vanilla and brown sugar - the kids loved them :)

Al getting stuck in sorting Pumpy's innards!
In the background is the start of our kitchen jar collection :) 
Thats salt not sugar by the way :)
Mixed in salt then in 180 fan oven. 
Pumpy gets eyebrows...
I'm not sure he likes them lol 
Meet Batty :)
Mix after 20 mins
Mmmm crispy salty pumpkin seeds (about 35mins)

Does anyone eat the pumpkin after? I'm not sure that it'll still be OK after 3 days but I hate to waste food... What do you think?

I hope you all have a brilliant weekend and get into the spooky spirit! xx


  1. Welcome from across the pond. Halloween is fun! I enjoyed it as much as the kids when we were growing up.
    We didn't grow any pumpkins this year, but I dehydrated squash seeds. They make a good snack.

  2. Thanks John, I think it's great when as adults we can still have fun like kids, some people take themselves too seriously! I have never grown pumpkins, I hear they are easy so I'll be giving it a go soon, I tried butternut squash last year and it was an epic fail LOL x

  3. Great recipe Astra!

    And I love that bat! Just great!

    Have a super time with your lovely hubby!

    Sft x

  4. Thanks Sft we did have a lovely weekend, did you do anything spooky? We made bats like batty at Pre School, the kids loved them :) xx


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