Dublin city

We had such a crazy Wednesday and Thursday that I won't bore you with the details but to give you an idea it included; our normal 10 hr work days and our new car breaking down, tow ropes, hire cars, calling in favours from friends and late nights.... So the packing and organising was rushed but once we got into the car it was all worth it :)

Driving down we ate sandwiches, chatted about where we are in our life at the moment (so happy), and rocked out to Incubus (science album), also got stuck at roadworks but amused ourselves and some fellow drivers by rolling down the windows and fake rapping to 2pac, full volume - so funny, I really should video it next time lol. After that we just needed 4 illegal u-turns and we were there :)

We stayed in on Friday night with pizza and just caught up with Baz, then Saturday we hit the town...

The Church, a very cool bar as you can see!
As if it wasn't cool enough, Authur Guinness was married here back in the day!

Baz and I 

The boys :)
Waiting for our Nandos, I can only handle the 'lemon herb', I'm such a wimp. Chillininja here dips his 'hot' in more hot sauce, crazy man that he is lol
My favorite bit of the evening, I got to cycle to the next venue! Of which there are no pictures... It was the Brazen head, the oldest pub in Ireland established in 1198 (I think!) pretty impressive hey?
The liffey
"Brick are you just looking at things around the room and saying you love them?"
On Sunday we went to the zoo, everyone had raved about it but we were slightly underwhelmed, I guess after spending time in Africa no zoo will impress. There was a very cute baby gorilla though and we did have a lovely day out.

This weekend was not at all frugal, we didn't go mad and waste any money obviously but for us its important to have these breaks from saving and being too strict. We want to enjoy ourselves and treat ourselves too, especially for a birthday, it's nice to just do what you want to do for the other person and not be worrying constantly how much it'll cost. It was lovely to eat out every day and go out on the town but as we were driving home we both admitted we were glad to be heading back and looking forward to getting back to our wee life, just the two of us, on a journey to a dream...


  1. I agree, it's nice to treat yourself every now and again, otherwise you'd go mad living a frugal life!

    We've certainly learnt this recently and got some nice trips up to London planned.

    Where did you go in Africa, just curious as I'm travel mad.

    Sft x

  2. I hope you enjoy your trips to London, great city also, are they coming up soon?
    My dad and his's side of the family are all South African, and my mum grew up in Kenya. As a child I spent a few years in SA and my husband and I went on a 6 month trip there before we got married. We stayed with my family in East London mostly but did an awesome road-trip to Cape Town and back on the minor inland roads over 3 weeks, it was just incredible :)
    Astra xx

  3. Aha there are the South African roots! I was wondering about Nandos in Dublin.

  4. As far as I can remember Nandos in SA is a bit better, I can't quite place the difference but I remember enjoying it more there! x


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