Pre School rocks!

I love my job :)

I've had so many jobs over the years, office jobs, crew on yachts, care work, bar/club work, junk mail delivery (sorry), model, health food cafe and horse riding instructor just to name a few!  I've always believed that a job has to work for me and not the other way around. It's too much of my life to spend unhappy - for any amount of money!

Although my job as a pre school room leader is physically, mentally and sometimes emotionally draining, I can't imagine doing anything else. Every day I play, laugh, and be creative in so many ways. 3 year olds are just so much fun, they are old enough to do cool art and craft projects with, to joke with and to read good stories to. I feel very lucky to have found my calling :)

I wish I could take loads of photos to show you all my little friends and the fun we have, but obviously I can't... I will take some picture of the things we've made, Halloween has made this such a great craft month!

We had a stunning Autumn day today, I hope the weather was beautiful wherever you are too xx


  1. I work with a class of 5/6 year olds and it's the best job in the world!

    My calling too! So I know exactly what you mean.

    They are so funny too!

    Sft x

  2. Congrats on finding your calling. Sounds like fun (but draining)!

  3. SFT - we seem to have so much in common!
    Michelle - thanks it really is fun - got a halloween party on monday, should be great craic :)


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