Friends and fancy dress :)

On Sunday we went down to the lough to have dinner with Patrice and Stevie, new friends of ours. They live in a mobile home just up from the waters edge, its awesome, their garden literally disappears into Lough Neagh! We arrived a little late so the sun had set and we didn't take any photos until Patrice brought out the sparklers - I was like a child, so excited!

Other events of the evening were brilliant curry, seeing Stevie's baby pictures and sharing dreams of our future homes :)

Even though, due to a 'clocks changing drama' I was late out of bed I think I did OK to get ready for the Pre School Halloween Party! The day was awesome, we had tonnes of fun, 10 hours of party games, slime, sweets and chocolate, brilliant costumes, music, dancing and baking!

I tell you what, I'm glad I don't have an adult party to go to as well because I'm finished! Bath with book then bed LOL


  1. Oh I agree, this has been a very exciting week for young children and exhausting for those you look after them.

    You look great.

    Sounds like a fun night with your friends, lucky them living in a beautiful area.

    Sft x

  2. Thanks Sft, I must say I was a bit disappointed this week taking down all the decorations! 'Children in need' next though - watch this space :) x


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