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Hi everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by, I'm really enjoying writing this blog and I so appreciate the support I've had so far. I cant believe there are people reading this from Australia, Canada, America, Russia, Germany and lots of other countries - it's just so cool! Thank you!

I love love LOVE a bargain and I got an amazing one yesterday :) The hubby and I were in town to buy a bow tie, his work has been nominated for a best new business award NI and the black tie event, which I'm also invited to is this Thursday - exciting stuff! Anyway we saw a new charity shop and naturally went in for a nosey. I love cook books and will have an impressive collection on display in my dream kitchen one day but I won't buy them new on principle so I just keep an eye out in the second hand shops. Problem is I really like the river cottage and jamie oliver books which are really popular and hard to find but patience paid off and there was a practically brand new 'Jamie's America' for £2! RRP £26!!!

Please excuse the mirror photo...
I'm over the moon and have already read half of it and made a sausage Jambalaya, I was missing more than half of the ingredients but I never stick to recipes anyway -  I just use them as a guide and for inspiration. It tasted brilliant even though it doesn't really look like much! We used one of Al's home grown Caribbean scotch bonnets, even though it was a massive pot (will do us for at least 3 meals) one was enough!

While I was in the kitchen I made bread for the week, mostly I make 1 plain and 1 chilli (recipe pictures and how-to at chillininja) but today I just made 2 plain and some experimental rocky road type things for lunch time treats.

Rising nicely in the kitchen
Marshmallow, raisin, coconut, chocolate, rice crispy squares
 The bread is in the oven now and I can just start to smell it mmmmmm. I hope you had a lovely weekend, mine has been very relaxing :)



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