Bring on the freeze!

Christmas Eve 2010, down the road at Lough Neagh, the largest lough in the northern hemisphere, frozen over! A group of guys actually carried a boat out to the island and back! I know the ice causes havoc for millions of people but I can't help seeing the positive, it turns our country into a magical winter wonderland. You can't do anything about it anyway so when it gets here, wrap up, find your inner child and try to enjoy it! xx


  1. Oh, I'd LOVE to :)

    Enjoy it for me please.

  2. I will I promise! Will do an extra snow angel just for you Dani! xx

  3. Thanks for sharing these precious memories with us ASTRA! Beautiful photos!

    Sft x

  4. Beautiful shots! That ice is intense!

  5. Thank you guys, that little outing was actually my favorite memory of christmas last year - so much fun and my sliding skills rock! I'll take a video next time lol xx


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