I refuse to be tempted...

I am very proud of myself - I'm just back from a trip to town, Al had something secret to do and I needed some funky tights to wear with my LBD for his work party tonight. We separated in the mall and I wondered around the shops for an hour and did not buy 1 single thing!!! (apart from the cool tights £2.99) I knew I had nice gifts already and didn't need anything else, so I just looked, admired the pretty things, bargain deals and people watched.

I know for some of you seasoned frugal living experts this may not be a big deal but for me, the week before christmas I must say I am quite pleased :)

Astra and her self control 1 - shops and all their clever selling tactics 0!


  1. Good on you, i wish i could say the same for myself went out Christmas shopping and left a bit of money in the shops. I havent spent anything for the past 5 weeks, been eating out of my freezer and storecupboards cos im away this Christmas. Thats my consolation for spending today, i bought presents at a fraction of the price so it was all frugal..

  2. that IS a big deal! Practicing self-control is definitely something to be praised! i'm still trying to master that myself :)

  3. This is a great achievement. When you know you are in control.

    Well done Astra!

    Sft x

  4. New World - I plan to do a freezer use up in the new year :) and 5 weeks no spending sounds like some great self control to me!

    Hi kendra, thanks for commenting its nice to meet you :) Thanks for your encouragement Im off to check out your blog now!

    SFT I'm sure your good at that type of thing too but thanks :) xx


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