Sealed pot challenge...

OK so yesterday was the start of Saving for Travel's sealed pot challenge, here is my sealed pot/tin :)

A collage I did last year, one of my favorites

Sealed properly so no dipping in!

Until we get back from honeymoon in January this pot will probably be empty as we have a honeymoon fund one on the go already but after that Im determined to squirrel away every spare bit of cash lying around (spare bank money will go to our savings to earn interest) and I already can't wait to see what's in it when I open it Dec 3rd next year!

I hope it's full by then :)


  1. Go baby! I love how artistic you are, and your determination with our dream inspires me everyday x

  2. I hope your tin isn't big enough for all your small change :)

    LOLOLOL the word verification I got to this comment was "extra"! Even Google thinks you may have more than you think you will...

  3. Thanks chillininja, your so lovely :) xx

    Dani thats definitely a sign! Brilliant! xx

  4. That is a beautiful pot Astra. You are so clever. It's going to make you want to save!

    Sft x


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