My lovely hubby :)

He knows how to put a smile on my face thats for sure :)

With this kinda looking after I'll be better in no time! Ps only 9 days till our honeymoon!


  1. Chocolate & flowers... Doesn't get better than that! What a sweet hubby you have! :)

  2. Feel better soon, Astra. (Also try a hot toddy (brandy, lemon juice, honey and hot water) just before you go to bed.

    S'funny, we went on our honeymoon late too - after 10 years of marriage. Ending up buying this house and moving here LOL

    Enjoy - but I KNOW you both will :)

  3. I know Carla, I am one lucky lady :) and i think they worked because I'm feeling way better today!

    Thanks Dani I'm feeling much better already, Al told me to have a hot toddy too but we had no whisky or brandy in the house...
    Where did you live before SA then? I know tomorrow is a public holiday for you guys, are you breaking up 4 christmas now?


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