Planning next years veg garden

I've really missed gardening this last year and can't wait to get my hands dirty again, get a bit closer to nature, be eating our own home grown food on a daily basis and be saving a fortune :) Making the most of our gardening space is going to help us save money in a big way, not just saving on the cost of the veg but when we're growing so much lovely fresh veg we eat far less meat.

While I'm recuperating (from what i think must have been a chest infection, don't know for sure since I stay clear of the doctors - just healthy food, vitamins and rest) I've been going through our old photos and getting so excited planning our garden for next year, these pictures are from 2010 at our old home in County Mayo (west coast of Ireland).

We should be able to successfully grow all these again next year, and tonnes more - I'm an ambitious planter you see and tend to have to let the garden go wild because there is to much to do around july/august LOL but as you can see it seems to work for us :)

I'm thinking that we could fit 2 bantam hens in the garden for eggs too but we'll see, I'm worried about all the cats around here (including our wee hunter!), they couldn't free range and would need a roof on their run... This topic definitely to be continued!

What better way to get better than to sit in your PJ's sifting through your seed box and dreaming of all the brilliant things that will be happening next year - 2012 is going to be amazing - I can feel it already :)


  1. Phew.. I am glad someone else is thinking of the growing season next year as well, i thought i was losing it. Nothing beats growing your own. I focused more on flowers this year hopefully next year i balance it out. Goodluck

  2. I hope to have a small garden this year! Would be nice to be able to grow my own local & organic produce instead of buying someone else's! ;)

  3. Haha New world your definitely not alone, I'm hoping to grow a few flowers in with the veg next year so maybe you could give me a few pointers along the way, best of luck with your garden and happy planning :)

    Carla I'd encourage everyone to grow their own, if you value good food it'll be especially rewarding for you :) Hope your joining us crazy people and are day dreaming/planning your garden already! xx

  4. Why is he wearing a safety vest in the garden? You have a lot of motorized traffic through there?

  5. LOL! its warm- one of the padded ones like a body warmer. Thanks for getting in touch, your blogs really interesting :)


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