Oh twinkly lights, how I love thee!

Its December, we held out and didn't decorate until last weekend. Our neighbours put all theirs up 2nd week in November... Not cool. Anyway Al and I had a lovely evening decorating our home, somehow now it feels warmer and cosier. We decided not to get a real tree this year since we leave for Dublin on the 24th and aren't back till the 7th jan but we have our wee tree up and I love it, small but perfect and our presents to each other are under it already!

I love twinkly lights - they make me happy!

Thats my stocking from when I was a child!

Last year we were between homes and had so much on we didn't do pressies so this year it's been extra special, choosing little gifts I know he'll love and hiding them away, I cant wait till christmas morning to see his face :) and to see what he got me! I have no idea! It's all so exciting, I love christmas :)

I feel like this christmas we've got the magic back.


  1. That all looks beautifully christmassy, not sure I will get as far as a tree this year - after all, I have no furniture yet!

  2. Thanks dan :) I'm sure this christmas will be really special for you, decorations or not! I hope your signed up to freecycle for that furniture, I've even seen kitchens on our local one! xx

  3. It looks great Astra. We're never at home for Christmas so we have a small tree. We put it up today.

    Sft x

  4. Thanks Sft, we love decorating for christmas, such a magical time of year :) xx


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