Family life and photos :)

Wow. Life is good! The last few weeks have just been amazing, such massive changes going on here and yet it all feels so relaxed and just, right :) The first 3 photos are from St Paddys Day, love his serious face in this one!

We met a bunch of friends by the lough shore for lunch and drinks, we headed home at sunset, it was a perfect day, fun, friends and family, what more could you ask for!? I love how having a baby hasn't changed days like this, he just fits so perfectly into our lives.

I mentioned in this post that Al was leaving his job and starting to work from home. Well last wednesday was his last day and we had a little celebration, Ché Phoenix and I baked a cake and we invited all the family round for tea. It was a lovely evening and really nice to have everyone wish him luck and encourage him on this new venture. This is the start of his career dreams coming true so it really deserved a cake and wee party! 

Being able to spend so much time together as a family is just bliss, and I just can't explain how much I love seeing Al and Ché together. It's true what they say about not knowing how much you love your man until you see him with your children *swoon* lol

For Easter we went over to the Grandparents house for lunch and had a lovely day. Auntie Sel and Uncle James were there too (Ché Phoenixs' favourite people at the moment!) we took a few mama and son photos before we left, isn't he getting big! and somehow cuter! I just can't stop kissing his gorgeous wee face, it's a real addiction!

Love the open mouth kiss! Haha cracks me up every time! and his fuzzy hair at the back, the little things like that just melt my heart :) 

Love being a mummy!


  1. Beautiful photos. And best of luck to him on his new endeavors! Definitely a reason to celebrate!

  2. Love your photos.a lovely family

  3. It's so great how the gorgeous little fella has just slipped into your lives it's how it should be! Absolutely right about when men become a daddy they do just become even more lovely. Also that chocolate cake is making me hungry what's the recipe? :)

  4. Can see that Che Phoenix loves his Mum too :)

  5. So cute, I love the wee expressions on his face :)

    Being nosey here, but you mentioned in a comment to someone else that you used to live in the north east of Scotland. Whereabouts did you live? I'm just asking because I live in that general direction :P

  6. What beautiful photos of you and your family.

    Sft x

  7. He is sooooo cute. Oh Astra you are one lucky girl to be experiencing all that joy :-) I remember that time in my life fondly. My first born now 18 came home from uni for Easter after being away for 5 weeks and gave me the biggest hug and it was the best thing!

    And you can bake the same looking chocolate cake as me.......I do think we have a lot in common :-0

    Have a great weekend.


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