My 101 challenges in 1001 days update

I made my 101 in 1001 list on Friday 9th December 2011 and I plan to complete each one before Friday September 5th 2014. Since I'm about a third of the way through I thought it was a good time for an update and to see how I was getting on. I have completed 33 out of 101 of the challenges/goals I set for myself. Not bad :) Quite a few of them are started or have 'so far so good' status too.

Heres my list as it stands today -

  1. Do a pottery course and make some mugs.
  2. Make some hair accessories.
    1. Make some hand warmers/fingerless mittens. Made some with my new sewing machinePost here
    2. Sew some cute cushion covers.
    3. Sew an entire outfit for myself. *nearly finished a skirt...
    4. Stop buying cards - make them for all occasions. *So far, so good Post here
    5. Make some new candles from my huge pile of wax leftovers.
    6. Sell my handmade jewellery. Did on etsy but have moved onto new ventures now 
    7. Create the wedding album thats in my head!
    8. Do another furniture restoration project.
    9. Learn to crochet or just knit better (like actual things not just scarves).
    10. Learn how to develop some of my own photographs.
    11. Try some mixed media art.
    12. Make an off ground hen house. Post hereherehere, and link below 
    13. Get some hens to live there. Post here
    14. Make a top bar bee hive.
    15. Get some bees to live there.
    16. Get a milking goat :)
    17. Build 2 more movable raised beds for spring 2012Post here
    18. Grow flowers for our home.
    19. Not buy any lettuce for the whole year of 2012 - grow all our own.
    20. Learn how to grow herbs well, so they don't die...
    21. Make the most out of our growing space - even if we're still renting - its not an excuse. Post here
    22. Prepare the space behind garage for planting next year. Post here
    23. Make good use of the wild garlic season.
    24. Make elderflower cordial.
    25. Bake more healthy snacks. *So far, so good
    26. Make good use of the black berry season.
    27. Learn more about foraging and put into practice. *got a small guide book
    28. Grow more sprouts and mung beans.
    29. Learn to make good curries from scratch.
    30. Stop adding salt to everything... *So far, so good
    31. Get into the habit of drinking more water.
    32. Bake bread/muffins/pancakes/soda every week so we don't run out.
    33. Find out where I can buy ingredients in bulk.
    34. Make pasta by hand.
    35. Make pesto by hand (that I like the taste of).
    36. Visit the Navan centre. 
    37. Climb Cruach Phádraig (Croagh Patrick) on the west coast of Ireland.
    38. Climb one of County Kerry's mountains.
    39. Climb all of the Mourne Mountains.
    40. Visit Lough Eske castle again (thats where Alan proposed).
    41. Visit my friend Amy in Edinburgh and Dad and step mum in Glasgow. Post here & here & here
    42. Visit Al's best friend in Plymouth and my wee sister and step dad in Barnstaple.
    43. Stay in Derry for a couple of days, over Halloween.
    44. Explore our country more - day trips, touristy things. Post here
    45. Go for hikes every month. Post here here
    46. Go camping in Galway like we did on our first ever holiday - camp in the same spot.
    47. Spend christmas in South Africa visiting my family with our 1st baby.
    48. Visit my Nana and all my Australian family and best friend with our 1st baby. 
    49. Go on a romantic honeymoon to Paris.  Post here 
    50. Climb the Eiffel Tower. Post here
    51. Eat a chocolate croissant and drink hot chocolate at Parisian cafe. Done 10X over!
    52. Get and use (for everything) a cash back credit card. 
    53. Secure a mortgage that will enable us to pay it off in 10 years.
    54. Buy dream land/home.
    55. Reach target amount of savings for deposit on dream home/land.
    56. Keep sticking to our budget and reaching our savings goal every month. *So far, so good
    57. Keep on top of our savings account, check the best rates every few months. *So far, so good
    58. Reach a salary I'm happy with at work.
    59. Not stress out about money - ever. *So far, so good
    60. Buy/freecycle/make a rocking chair. 
    61. Make an inspiring creative studio where I can sew and make jewellery or cards. Post here
    62. Buy/freecycle a dishwasher.
    63. Buy/freecycle a slow cooker.
    64. Make a rustic table and revamp chairs.
    65. Buy/freecycle a sewing machine. Post here
    66. Buy a solar panel and battery.
    67. Add to my reference book collection - smallholding, DIY, keeping animals, gardening. Books I bought Al for christmas
    68. Add to my recipe book collection - river cottage needed! Christmas present from my lovely hubby!
    69. Help Al set up a dark room and focus more on his photography. *chosen a space and started clearing it out...
    70. Do a car boot sale and ebay sale to get rid of the stuff in the garage.
    71. Keep house tidier - at least a bit!
    72. See an irish dancing show.
    73. Make more of an effort to keep in touch with friends and family, visiting those we can. *So far, so good
    74. Find a place to rent a bog so we can dig and turn our own turf (if we install our wood burner)
    75. Have a real christmas tree in 2012. Post here
    76. Celebrate thanksgiving by hosting a party.
    77. Fly a kite.
    78. Volunteer again or get involved with more fundraising (like children in need last year).
    79. Do some fire dancing with my poi.
    80. Make a 10 year time capsule before we have a baby.
    81. Kiss in the rain. Outside our apartment in Paris :)
    82. Kiss in the snow. 
    83. Host a candle lit party (maybe for earth hour?).
    84. Reach 101 followers on A journey to a dream. Thank you to all my followers, its wonderful to have you along for the journey, but a special mention to follower number 101 Under the milkwood tree which happens to know my family personally and has a beautiful south african blog about life and gardening, I highly recommend a look. 
    85. Meet at least 1 of my blogging friends.
    86. Start a family :) Post here
    87. Find our dream land/home.
    88. Play more board games. *So far, so good
    89. Vote. *Got on the electoral register!
    90. Learn basic Irish (fluency will take time!).
    91. Get my Irish passport (have to be married for 3 yrs).
    92. Make a snow angel for Dani from ecofootprintsa! Post here
    93. Make new friends and meet more like minded people. *So far, so good
    94. Build a massive sandcastle on the beach.
    95. Go to the theatre.
    96. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go.
    97. Say 'I love you' to my husband at least 3 times a day, every day. *So far, so good
    98. Celebrate an obsucre holiday.
    99. Have a proper picnic with a hamper and a blanket.
    I really love the 101 in 1001 idea and we all need a little push sometimes to do the things we want to do so putting it up on your blog not only means you'll not forget the little things but means you can get encouragement and/or cyber kicks up the butt from other bloggers to keep you on track LOL 

    I love reading other peoples 101's too so if your inspired to write one or have one partly done, leave your link in the comments section!


    1. Lol...I was just think this morning that I need to do an update on my 101 in 1001 list! Great minds think alike :-) Here's my list as it stands right now...

    2. Thats a great list. I keep seeing 101 things on peoples blogs. I kind of see what they are about now LOL.

      I think I may need to consider this some more, I feel a join in coming soon!

      1. Oh do it! its so cool to write, i found it hard at first then i couldnt stop thinking of cool stuff i got so excited about it all!

      2. I may see if I get a few mins to myself this weekend to sit and do then, there are so many things I'd like to do!

    3. You are doing so well! Nice to see so much crossed off!

      Sft x

      1. Thanks Sft, I think you're always wanting to do better tho, I feel more needs done this year! x


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