Bake sale next week!

My Pre School class are doing a bake sale next week to raise money for Children in need, I can't wait, it's gonna be such a fun week! 

I love baking and cooking and so do 3yr olds so we are going all out - baking 2 different things each day. I am making some full size chocolate cakes at home (my wedding cake recipe as seen here :) I love that I made my own wedding cakes!) and Patrice's mum (Patrice works in the Pre School with me) is a professional cake maker, she is kindly donating some fancy buns too and all of it will be displayed in the entrance hall of our nursery.

Fingers crossed the parents are tempted by our tasty treats and feeling generous with their hard earned cash... We are trying to cater for the adults too, not just kiddie treats in the hope they'll buy to take home, not just to let the kids eat in the car! I think it's gonna be a massive success - chocolate popcorn, Pudsey cookies, assortment of buns, cakes and chilli chocolate brownies just to name a few! All made with love and joy :)

What are you doing for children in need? If your not up to much yourself I hope you'll be able to support a fundraising effort in your kids school/local area -


  1. Hi Astra,

    Wow, what a great success you're cakes are going to be! It sounds so well organised.

    We are combining Children in Need with the Olympics, so we're wearing PE to school and decorating giant pudseys! We'll all be bringing in a donation.

    Sft x

  2. I knew you'd be doing something cool! I hope it goes brilliantly :) xx


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