Reminiscing about Cape Town 2009

I've been following closely Saving for travels' blog these last few weeks and it's made me think of all the traveling I've done, what amazing memories I have of exploring other cultures and countries.

I've decided I'm going to show a little glimpses of our past travels and adventures on my blog. Partly because I believe what you have experienced in life helps define who you are and on this blog I do want to put across the real me. Mostly though I thinks it's because I love looking through our iphoto albums and reminiscing :)

When I look at photos of us on our adventures it reminds me that we always do what we say we will. We figure out what we want, what our dreams are, then we make it happen. It makes me feel so confident and sure that all our dreams for the future will come true. When I look at photos of us in South Africa it is such a big reminder that together we can achieve anything :)

Cape Point guessing which country was 'that way'
My hubby (fiance at the time) - cracking me up as usual 
The photographer
At the top of Table Mountain
Robben Island, I wish everyone in the world could
visit there and meet the people we met.  It's by far the most
inspiring and moving place I've ever visited.
Cape Town from Robben Island.
Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.
The Biscuit Mill Market.
We were so happy to be in SA for Nelson Mandela's Birthday,
the love was everywhere. We took part in a 'knit-a-thon' to make
blankets for local people in need. 
Leaving Cape Town was a bit sad but our road-trip was
just getting started :)

mmmm wimpy tea... I miss that tea!


  1. Although I have been to South Africa twice I have yet to visit Cape Town so thank you Astra for sharing your photos. Mr Sft and I really enjoyed them, particularly those from Table Mountain and Cape Point.

    LOL at the Wimpy, My nephew came with us last time and he was delighted to find he could have a Wimpy meal every day!

    Looking forward to the next installment.

    Sft x

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments :)

    We were so lucky to house sit while we were there, friends of my auntie let us stay in their amazing house in Hout Bay (fancy schmancy!) so we had free accommodation and my auntie was the most brilliant tour guide ever! We literally have thousands of photos just of Cape Town, it was so hard to just pic a few I might do Cape Town part 2! xx

  3. I just came across your blog (well, in truth I was being nosey as I saw your comment on the wind and the wellies blog and thought I would be nosey) hope you dont mind but this post made me click on the follow button. I too have been blessed and able to travel and you have just inspired me to get out my albums.

  4. Hi Cheri, thanks so much for following my wee blog, I really love it when people comment, it's really encouraging :) Enjoy reminiscing! Hope to see you here again soon, I'm off to check out your blog xx

  5. Astra - I was on the farm when you posted this. Question - HOW can you miss Wimpy tea LOLOLOL And did you ever visit the Bird Bath in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens? It is a beautiful bird shaped bath, which apparently was built for the 1st Governor of the Cape's wife, Lady Anne Barnard, so that she could bathe in summer ;) It is fed from an underground spring.

    Now, there's a hubby with dancing eyes :)

  6. Haha I don't know, we drink SO much tea I guess we just got used to it!

    Yeah I think we did see that, Al remembers it better than me... Those gardens are stunning, it seems that every direction has a stunning view too.

    I love that picture of Al, it was a great day to be alive and his eyes really do show it! xx


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