Date in the park

On sunday we went for a wee date in the park :) The weather last weekend was amazing (on Monday too actually) so we wanted to take advantage. We took a picnic and went to explore Lady Dixon park, we have been to it before ages ago but not in Autumn, the Japanese garden looked stunning.

This is my favorite tree in the world, one day I'll have one in my dream garden :)
I brought a leaf home to press.
Japanese garden.
This tree has smaller leaves than my favorite and they're bright yellow
 but they are both the same shape and look lovely together
so I should probably have one of these in my dream garden too :)
Collecting pine cones for winter decorations.
I thought the colours on this tree were amazing.
We took some time to hang out in a really cool tree, I have a small fascination
with trees if you haven't noticed by now lol!

I also did some very ungraceful climbing which resulted in even more ungraceful pictures but I'll spare you those!

We sat in the sun and people watched while we ate our picnic, it was lovely. We looked at old couples and wondered what we'll be like at their age, it's hard to imagine how much history we'll have, how much we will have experienced together and how much more we'll love each other because of it. I look forward to it all :)


  1. That tree you're laying in looks absolutely wonderful!!!

  2. T'would appear that. like me, you're a secret tree hugger LOL

    Nothing nicer than the dappled sunlight under a tree, or the gentle swish of a breeze as it rustles through the leaves.

    Sitting beneath one is the perfect spot to clear all the cobwebs out of your head.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for stopping by my blog : )

    I always wanted one of those trees too. Not got one yet as we haven't got the space where we live - the hens come first. Still, maybe one day....


  4. Those leaves are just beautiful Astra!

    You look like you had a blissful time in the park.

    Sft x

  5. Hi Bee Girl, welcome to my wee blog :) I had a good nosey around yours and I love it, I want to keep bees naturally too I loved all your pictures of them, got me all excited :) Hope we keep in touch, what your doing with your space is really inspiring.

    Dani- lol I am a tree hugger, not much of a secret though! The hubby and I had a giggle at the sitting in the shade comment, we try and sit on the sunny side of the trees here! I find trees very grounding and relaxing, I agree a great place to clear all the cobwebs out of your head :)

    Jo - I like your priorities, mine would be the same, hens first by far! I hear they grow well in those massive pots though...

    Sft - Thanks we did have a great time, really rejuvenating :) You can't go wrong with a sunny day, a picnic and someone you love!

    Thank you for the lovely comments xx


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