Surprise veg!

In April this year we had to move house quite suddenly, it was a real shame because we had done a lot of gardening and all round preparation for the season ahead at our old place. The thing I was sad about leaving the most was a large square raised bed I'd made by hand from scrap wood, it had taken me about a week, I loved it and was so proud of how well it turned out. I had layered compost, sand, dead leaves etc to make a rich soil base for the mixture of onions and carrots I planted, they were looking so promising when we left but all too small to pick.

We've been back a couple of times and seen it totally overgrown, I figured there mustn't be much under the weeds. How wrong I was!! We are cat sitting for the owners (Al's parents) this week and thought we'd have a dig around, after 7 months of total neglect this is what nature (and my loving preparation and planting) provided...

I'd say about 2kg carrots and 1kg onions!

Aren't they perfect, with all their imperfections :)

So tonight we feast on 40p lamb, free carrots, cabbage (reduced down to 10p) and gravy that's home made - with flour the old fashioned way! I'm so happy!

This is saving for our dream in style and appreciating the small things - just what we're about!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekends :)

P.S are you noticing a pattern with my saturdays? Not that I'm complaining!


  1. What a great result Astra! That meal looks delicious.

    Have you got any raised beds at your new house?

    Sft x

  2. How fantastic! Congratulations on such a wonderful harvest! And that looks absolutely phenomenal!

  3. Sft - no unfortunately we don't since we moved in april, and got married in june, I started my new job in july so by the time everything settled down the season was over, we did do some pots and got a wee plastic green house though. We are gonna move the raised bed over winter to our new house for the spring, it'll be a mission but so worth it :)

    Thanks Bee Girl :) It's funny how sometimes plants do better when they get ignored! The meal was soooo tasty - lamb is my favorite :)

  4. Astra - Your unexpected garden produce bodes well for your dream ahead. Looks like you have green fingers and living in the green isle, I guess that's really appropriate :)

  5. Haha yeah I suppose it is! Seeing the effort you went through to have a veggie patch has really inspired me for next year, even if we are still in rented which we probably will be, I'm going to dig up a patch and grow some essentials, we really have no excuse - if we have to leave we can pull it up and plant grass again! xx

  6. Yum!! Your dinner looks delicious!! I'm all about "Real" home cooked meals!

  7. I am so excited to do a garden next year. Your carrots look amazing. I cant wait to grow my own.

  8. Thanks Carla, I think more and more people are seeing the value in 'real' food again, I guess we're getting old fashioned LOL

    Hi Jamie, thanks for commenting :) The key to carrots so I'm told (and it seemed to work!) is to mix sand into the soil, best of luck next year in your new home and garden, btw your wee family is just the sweetest! xx


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